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Latest in Tarot

Dowsing With A Pendulum

Pendulums are popular and easy to use divination tools that are often used by psychics and mediums, as a method of connecting with spirit. A basic pendulum consists of two parts – a weighted ‘stone’ and a chain. Typically the portable pendulum is made from a semi precious stone or crystal, suspended from a silver or […]

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What is mindfulness?

In today’s society where we often put too much pressure on ourselves to achieve goals, or even forget to sit back and relax after a stressful day, it can take a toll on our mental well-being. However, mindfulness is a great technique which will let you acknowledge the space around you and take time to […]

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Summer Solstice Symbols

The Summer Solstice is a time of renewal and potential. In the Northern Hemisphere the Solstice (or equinox) takes place on June 20, this year. On this day the sun’s zenith is at the furthest point from the equator, and lingers in the sky for longer than on any other day. The Summer Solstice represents […]

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Ways to increase your self-confidence

Self-confidence is an attribute that can come naturally to some or difficult to others. Unexpected life experiences and events can increase or decrease self-confidence over a period of time. There are many small, personal exercises and online tarot readings that you can start to incorporate into a daily or weekly routine. These will help to […]

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How To Choose The Best Tarot Deck For You

Experience Level If you are new to Tarot it is worth taking your time deciding which Tarot deck you should buy. Ideally, it is best to consider choosing a deck that has easy to understand symbols and images. For this reason, the classic Rider Waite deck is recommended as the best Tarot deck for novice […]

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Top 5 Spiritual Summer Holidays
Top 5 Spiritual Summer Holidays

Not everyone enjoys lounging around in the hot summer sun. For a growing number of people summertime is the ideal opportunity to disconnect from the hectic world, and to tune into solitude and spiritual development. Your Holiday Guide Getting away from it all requires careful planning. The type of holiday that you choose will usually […]

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Psychic Reading Questions: Dos & Don’ts

Psychic readings are an opportunity to ask potent questions that you wish to have answered. A psychic or spiritual reader will tune into your energy and connect with spiritual sources that can assist in answering your questions. You can ask whatever question you want. However, the manner in which you phrase the question, and your […]

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What Is The Celtic Cross Spread?
What Is The Celtic Cross Spread?

  One of the most commonly used spreads in a tarot card reading is the Celtic Cross spread. This traditional 10 card spread can be difficult to interpret, but is favoured by experienced psychic tarot readers and enthusiast beginners alike. The complex spread highlights past, present and future outcomes and also provides deeper insights. Why […]

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Asking For Angelic Assistance
Asking For Angelic Assistance

Divine angelic beings are around us every day, and they are waiting for your instructions. If you could do with some angelic assistance in your life all you have to do is ask. Common Signs The angelic realm is always on red alert, and angels will often send you signs of their presence as a […]

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Welcome to 121 Tarot Readings

Here at 121 Tarot Readings we can help you with any questions that you may have relating to your Love Life and your Relationships or maybe you just want to know about matters that concern your Children or your Family in general. Perhaps you have health and medical issues or need to know what is in store for your career. You might just want to know what the future holds for you and where you are heading in life.

You may have an important decision to make concerning any of the above and would like some spiritual advice and guidance. Once you have made your selection you will be connected to your chosen reader in a matter of seconds. Here at 121 Tarot Readings we have been providing live Tarot and Psychic Readings for over 20 years, to thousands of regular and satisfied callers. If for any reason you are not happy with your personal reading from 121 Tarot Readings we will of course offer you a full refund.

How Can a Psychic or Tarot Reading Help Me?

When you do take the step to call us for a psychic or tarot reading, you'll be impressed by the number of topics we can give you advice on. We've mentioned some of the most frequent topics we're asked about already, like jobs, family and love lives, but there's plenty more that a tarot reading can reveal about future events. Why not get a psychic reading about your financial future, or ask questions about your pet?

There are also plenty of ways to try out our services without calling. If you like, you can try our free tarot reading service. Although it can give you some clues as to what the future might hold, it is worth remembering that this service is a very simple version of a tarot reading, unable to give you the more detailed and informative insight that a reading from a true psychic will offer. If you are interested in speaking to one of our psychics but want to avoid a phone call, then why not try our online psychic reading service? A lot of people who use our instant messaging service the first time they get in touch will often then choose to call us for future readings, and many feel this gives them a closer and more personal relationship with the psychic.

Of course, you should still get in touch if you want an answer to one of the more common queries too, like asking for a love tarot reading, as our psychics are very experienced in these areas and can give you some brilliantly insightful and useful advice, using their psychic ability to help you lead a better life.

Why Choose 121 Tarot Readings?

We take pride in the level of psychic ability that our mediums display, as well as their kind and comforting personalities. We're always told that people find it very easy to get to know our psychics, so they can be much more open and honest with them. This, in turn, means that our psychics can give much more accurate tarot readings, as they are able to relate what they see to your individual situation. Narrowing down the tarot deck's broad and general meanings are the skills of a true psychic. We have groups of expert mediums throughout the country, ready and waiting to chat to you right now.

From tarot reading to horoscopes, psychic readings to clairvoyance, our psychics have a wide range of abilities to suit your needs. Call today and discover just what is possible with a reading from us, and begin getting to know one of our readers straight away, so you can begin building a personal relationship with them as soon as possible.

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