Everything you need to know about Huntrodds Day – 19th September

Enthusiasts who love to celebrate chance, coincidence and serendipity will be partying on September 19th.  Unofficially known as Huntrodds’ Day the date is inspired by Francis and Mary Huntrodds, from Whitby in North Yorkshire. September 19th is all about celebrating the extraordinary and wonderful coincidences that occur in our lives every day of the year.

Who Are The Huntrodds?

Francis and Mary Huntrodds, were both born on 19 September 1600. The couple shared three extraordinary coincidences in their life events. They were married on their birthdays and both of them died, within hours, on their 80th birthdays, in 1680.

Statistical Facts

We all love mind-blowing facts and quirky coincidences and like to be surprised by extraordinary events. Working out the logistics and probabilities of an occurence gives us something to really think about and gets us pondering over the likelihood of an amazing event happening again.

When it comes to repeating the Huntrodds’ claim to fame there are a number of considerations to bear in mind. Statistically a married person has a 1 in 365.25 chance of sharing their birthday with their life partner. When you consider that there are approximately 11.6 million married couples in the UK, it means that 31,000 married couples celebrate a birthday on the same day.

To do the maths correctly you also have to consider the age gap between couples. The commonest age gap in the UK is one year, with two years being the average (mean). Marriages between people born in the same year number 1 in 10. This means that every year around 3,000 married couples in the UK share one birthday with the same amount of candles.

Common Coincidences

There is a fairly high probability that you’ll encounter someone who shares a serendipitous event with you, during your lifetime. For instance, you may one day discover that you are looking at an old photograph of yourself and someone you now know (but weren’t acquainted with at the time the photograph was taken) is standing in the background.

In more recent times Mr and Mrs Pulsford, of Pagham, West Sussex celebrated their 80th birthday. They were both born on the same day of the same year, and their eightieth birthday celebrations were held on 08/08/08.

How To Celebrate Huntrodds Day

Organising a get-together to mark this special day requires a little out of the box thinking as there are a few rules to follow. The rules are simple – you must have 23 people in attendance. This is the number needed for a more than a 50% chance that two people will share a birthday. When it comes to party conversation the aim is to discover other coincidences shared between the guests. Each guest has permission to ask lots of nosey questions!

Universal Law

If you’re fascinated by wild and wacky statistical facts and events and have perhaps experienced some of your own, it is worth considering having a psychic tarot card reading the next time something coincidental happens in your life. Many people believe that there is no such thing as coincidence, and that serendipitous events occur when the Universe is in alignment with your soul. A psychic tarot reading will unveil the mystery.

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