Andrew Garfield Offers Guidance on Living a Spiritual Life

Andrew Garfield Spirituality


There are many reasons to love Andrew Garfield, but he has connected with us even more through his recent interview with the New York Times where he discussed his spirituality and how it informs the way he lives his life.

Did you know that at 8 years old his hero was Mahatma Gandhi? Or that after filming Martin Scorsese’s new film Silence he has become an expert in Jesuit Spirituality? Yeah, neither did we.

Living an honest, spiritual life is apparently very important to the British actor and Garfield espoused some real pearls of wisdom for living a clean life in this interview.

On the subject of a school bully, he talked about his life goals at the time.

“My first impulse was to give him a hug and a kiss and tell him he was all right, and that he didn’t have to behave that way”.

Admitting that he unsurprisingly became the main target of this bully, “because I saw him so deeply”, Garfield even from a young age was sensitive to the pain of others and keen to help heal them.

He talked about his recent work on Hacksaw Ridge with Mel Gibson, and how seeing that Gibson was clearly trying to atone for his past mistakes, he decided to ask the director about his controversies, knowing that forgiveness is key to unburdening the soul.

“We talked about everything, all about that period in his life, and the years since, and his sobriety, and the work he’s done and the healing he’s done within himself, and those others that he consulted and hurt,” Garfield said. “He’s a very loving man, a crazy loyal man, sensitive and caretaking, and he’s not drinking, and it’s a really beautiful, beautiful thing”.

This kind of attitude to life is lovely to see, and his comments didn’t stop amazing us there.

Garfield also spoke of society’s compulsion to worship man and that he wants no part in such damaging practices.

“I have no interest in being known as a celebrity; celebrity is a pretty disgusting word. It’s part of the brainwashing of the culture, part of the false idolatry of those that are only human, and I don’t want to participate in that”.

Andrew clearly knows that man has no domain over the soul and that being connected to something beyond the physical is vitally important. He also touched briefly on fasting, being connected with “that silent void”, while providing an insightful analysis.

“There’s something about fasting, about being empty enough to allow the spirit in, to hear and to listen and to be guided”.

This is all wonderful to hear from the former Amazing Spider-Man star and those that appreciate the spiritual or who are just interested in practices like the readings of the clairvoyant, will be happy to know they have a fellow traveller in Mr. Garfield.


Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

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