Horoscope Outlook for 2018

There are exciting times ahead in 2018! The New Year promises to unveil many surprises and unexpected events for one and all. Our 2018 horoscope provides valuable insight to help you plan for the twists and turns of the year ahead. The predictions cover the key aspects of your life based on your zodiac sign.



Ambitious Aries has a dynamic year in store. There is an abundance of possibilities and opportunities in all areas of your life. This high energy is conducive for creating new plans and ideas throughout the year. As a result you’ll be focused and busy and may find you have less to worry about in other areas of your personal and professional life.

Your dreams and ambitions can now be made into reality as the planetary alignment supports your efforts. Ruling planet Mars will guide you through any fears and will strengthen your resolve. You may experience life in a more emotional and sentimental way than usual, as transitioning Pluto enters your sign this year. Make the most of all auspicious opportunities, particularly if you’re looking to sell or purchase property early in 2018.


2018 sees your love relationship entering a comfortable time. You’ll be able to appreciate your partner in new ways and will gain a fresh perspective on the relationship. The Saturn-Jupiter trine will support your romantic ideas and ensure that your love needs are met.

From time to time you may begin to feel a little unappreciated and may think that your partner isn’t as committed to the partnership. Be open in expressing your concerns, without dominating your partner. Allow your emotions to express your level of commitment and put in a little extra effort wherever it is required. Your partner will be able to reciprocate once you have clearly communicated your desires. There is a romantic time ahead for married or long-term couples so start 2018 as you mean to continue.

Aries has an adventurous spirit and loving heart but can be impulsive and impatient at times. Use your best positive qualities to add passion and reignite the spark in your relationship, as this will help you both experience a breakthrough in your level of intimacy. 2018 is about learning how to communicate from the heart so be courageous in your actions.

If you’re single: If you’re looking to attract the perfect partner this year you may need to turn down the volume on your enthusiasm, Aries. The late summer period presents the perfect opportunity to meet a compatible, attractive stranger. You’ll also have the freedom to reconnect with old relationships and to encounter chance connections. September is highlighted as the most auspicious time for your ideal mate to show up, but keep your impatience under control if you want to create a lasting first impression.


Maintaining good health is essential this year. Health issues that arise in mid February may linger into spring if you don’t take preventative measures to maintain optimum health and vitality. Maximising your energy, through good nutrition, is also important as it will reduce the risk of any digestion related problems you might experience in the latter part of 2018.

Your financial status is strengthened by the planetary alignment of the Jupiter-Saturn trine. Your bank balance will remain steady and stable for most of the year, although you may have to dip into savings for family related expenses from time to time. Try to avoid borrowing money by setting aside some savings when you can.

Your career has a few positive changes highlighted this year. You may have an opportunity to change your career path as a result of recognised commitment and effort on your part. Apply your skills and talents and allow the opportunities to open up before your eyes. You will find job satisfaction and improve your personal performance on route. When the time is right you will be able to reap beneficial financial rewards.



Determined and persistent Taurus will be working full steam ahead in 2018. You’ll easily be able to concentrate your efforts into projects, although there may occasions when you feel unappreciated and taken for granted. Be patient and put your skills and talents to good use. Success will come your way once you let go of expectation. Stay focused on your ambitious plans and dreams but watch out for periods of low energy and fatigue.

Warmhearted and reliable Taureans will have plenty of favourable travel opportunities during 2018. If you are thinking about buying or selling property take precautions to ensure you don’t encounter unexpected problems. October and November are risky months so pay attention to all written and verbal communication during this period. Being vigilant will save you money and reduce headaches. Remember to ask for help and assistance if required.


2018 is all about the deepening and strengthening of bonds. Your priorities for this year are focused on relationships and home life, instead of career. You must invest time and effort in your relationship in order to maintain trust. Decisions related to long-term commitments must be handled with sensitivity and responsibility, and shared between both partners. Keep your jealous and possessive streak under control or it will spoil your best endeavours.

Although Taurians appreciate trust and mutual respect a tendency to be somewhat inflexible can create problems and tension. Long-term partnerships will have the opportunity to focus on all aspects of what makes a harmonious relationship. As Venus conjuncts Mars in Aries, from February through to spring a few love challenges will create an opportunity for you to test the strength of your love bond. August and November deliver the next round of tests to overcome. The passion filled month of September will, however, make up for the testing times.

Taurus will need time to reflect on the emotional experience and to adopt a new positive outlook. These subtle changes in thinking will benefit your relationship and strengthen the ties that bind you together. Mutual understanding and intimacy will also grow. Your relationship will take on new meaning and you’ll be ready to explore all possibilities as a committed couple.

If you’re single: Ample opportunity to explore fated meetings and connections are on offer this year. Casual encounters will become more serious more quickly so it’s important to pay attention to your heart’s desires. As a popular potential love partner you’re free to test out all romantic possibilities, particularly during the month of love, February. As late spring turns into summer, dating activity hots up and you could easily make a connection that goes the distance.


Your general health will be average for most of the year, with periods of high energy and fatigue slumps. Improving your diet will greatly help you manage your energy levels so that your wellbeing is in balance. You have a high risk of catching infections and colds, so top up with vitamins and supplements and take preventative measures throughout the year.

2018 heralds a noticeable improvement in your finances. To keep your pennies you would be wise to limit extravagant spending sprees and to postpone expensive purchases until your cash flow improves. In times of need your close friends and family will be on hand to offer financial help if required. By the end of the year you’ll be thankful that you stuck to a budget and you’ll be rewarded will additional income.

Career progression is a little slower than you would like this year. Effort and hard graft pays off in the end though. Your work mates and colleagues can help lighten the load when working on projects with a tight deadline, but don’t expect to receive financial compensation for hard work until the end of 2018. You could end the year celebrating a promotion or accepting an offer with greater financial incentives.



There are many major life changes awaiting adaptable and agreeable Gemini this year. Long-standing ideas and plans relating to personal and professional projects begin to see the light of day, and your ambition is reawakened. As you start to rearrange your priorities to accommodate your new opportunities you’ll notice that your life shifts into long-awaited balance. If you stick to your plans and path you’ll also find luck and good fortune shine down on you during the latter part of 2018.

A potential family crisis may require attention and input during the first few months of the year. The issues can be resolved with understanding and mutual love and respect so try to be patient. Property matters are also best avoided. As the year gathers momentum Gemini can relax a little and look forward to the pleasant surprises waiting in store.


Romance and intimacy will be experienced on a new level this year. Your self-confidence will be boosted by this unexpected sense of fulfillment that your relationship will give you. Witty and charming Gemini will become more bold and daring as a result and will make positive decisions in regards to the direction your relationship is heading in.

Married or long-term couples will experience a peak in their committed affairs that will also positively reflect on all other aspects of personal life. The combination of on-going romantic mood and optimistic spark creates a new relationship energy that can be used to heal minor conflicts and disagreements. If a setback occurs it is only temporary. Reigniting shared passion is best done as Saturn enters Sagittarius. Plan a romantic trip and rekindle the flames.

2018 is Gemini’s year of accountability, responsibility and direct action relating to relationships. Communication vastly improves so you can openly discuss issues concerning financial matters. The Venus retrograde, from the end of July to early September, clears the air and leaves plenty of space for words of love.

If you’re single: Gemini’s friendly disposition easily draws people and attention so you’ll have plenty of social activity on your calendar. With Jupiter retrograde in Leo this year expect to be showered with invitations, particularly during the hectic summer period. With so much choice on offer you’ll be wise to take your time and keep your options open.


With so many changes going on in your life it’s not surprising that your physical and mental health may be slightly out of balance in 2018. Your general health picks up in the latter part of the year but until then it is important to maintain optimum health through preventative measures. Try meditation to boost your energy levels and consider taking up relaxing yoga as a means of reducing stress and tension. Keep an eye on the health of family members too.

Your long-term financial prospects look particularly good this year, Gemini. Little by little your financial status will undergo a revamp to accommodate unexpected expenditure throughout the year. You may be celebrating an auspicious event that requires funding so taking care of the pennies is essential. Expect financial dividends as pay back for hard work previous done.

Your career picks up the pace, as the favourable planetary alignment lends support and enables you to juggle projects. Express your ideas with clear communication but be wary of scattering your energy in the wrong place. Save your energy for creative endeavours that can develop and grow throughout the course of the year. You will love the work that you do and by the end of 2018 you’ll have income satisfaction too.



Cancerians are greeted will a renewed zest for life in 2018. This invigorating energy is inspired by the planetary alignment that opens up an abundance of opportunities for personal growth in all areas of life. You will experience a surge in creativity and artistic endeavours as Mars and Neptune pair up during this period. You can also expect to be making some impulsive decisions.

New friendships will be made this year and a special karmic connection with a partner will play an important part in your life. Patience and understanding may be required from you as the year shifts towards spring. A family situation needs to be handled with care at this time. It is important that you trust your judgment as someone may be looking to cheat you in some way. Exercise caution, particularly around neighbours.


Love and romance runs smoothly this year, Cancer. You’ll be busy experiencing a new level of sensual pleasure and intimacy, particularly as we head towards the summer months. Be watchful that your tendency to become emotionally clingy doesn’t spoil the mood. Keep your emotions in check but be open in expressing your feelings. If you want to experience free flowing love you’ll have to exercise some self-control.

You have a loving heart and enjoy every aspect of a love relationship. You and your partner are well aligned and ready to experience a year of happy and harmonious romance. Married couples will strengthen love ties and connect on a deeper level than before. As Venus conjuncts Neptune on February 1 you will enter a magical period so allow yourself to fall in love all over again.

When Venus conjuncts Mars, during February 21, August 31 and November 2, passions will be running high so it is essential that you do your best to avoid unnecessary conflict, however minor. Share the relationship responsibilities and find new ways to work as a team. Enjoy the magic and prosperity that 2018 delivers.

If you’re single: Single Cancerians won’t be single for long. A perfect match is ready and waiting for you this year. Your changeable mood may be tempted to show flashes of jealousy so keep an eye out for triggers. 2018 connects you to The One so don’t go messing things up with your unpredictable moods. If you play your cards right you could be hearing wedding bells by the end of the year.


Your health will be at its optimum best throughout much of 2018. This is mainly due to your renewed levels of energy. Just because you feel invincible it doesn’t mean that you are, so make sure you’re eating well and looking after all aspects of your health. Balance activity with relaxing rejuvenation so that your mental and physical wellbeing is in complete harmony.

Luck and good fortune shines down on your finances this year. Unexpected expenditures will be comfortably accommodated provided you have been saving for a rainy day. Your new financial stability is mainly due to previous hard work so stay focused to increase your earning potential even further. Remember you may have to fund the cost of a wedding this year, so make sure finances remain in balance.

Your career is supported by the favourable planetary alignment. Your professional attitude doesn’t go unnoticed. As a reward you’ll be given new and exciting opportunities to test your skills. Focus on your creativity and follow your passion. When you love what you do you’ll experience complete job satisfaction and will be offered a significant increase in income too.



Lucky Leo has an abundance of opportunities to explore in 2018. You have your mojo back and finding quick solutions to life’s little problems will be a walk in the park for you. The favourable planetary alignment means your emotions will be kept in balance as you focus on your drive and ambition. 2018 is the year when you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Go forth and be bold and courageous.

Maintaining harmonious connections will be important to you this year. Staying level headed and exercising some caution, in all areas of your life, will help you minimise difficulties. If you’re keen to purchase property the period between April and early August is best avoided as you’re likely to experience anguish and annoyance. The latter part of the year is more favourable, particularly for the completion of projects. You’ll also see a marked improvement in your finances during this time.


Opening your heart and expressing your feelings will ensure your love relationship remains harmonious this year. Talking openly will also help you gain a clearer perspective on the relationship’s dynamics. If you’re married or in a long-term relationship try not to make promises you are likely to find difficult to keep. People love to be around you because of your warmhearted and generous nature. You need the sense of security too, so put in some extra effort to build a mutually supportive connection.

Some differences of opinion, with your partner are likely to be experienced. Between April and the end of July you’ll need to be a little more understanding and patient as delays and misunderstandings abound. The Venus retrograde in Leo will create confusing challenges for you to overcome. As Mercury and Mars are both in Cancer, as the Sun enters your sign, you’ll also have to work as a team to overcome obstacles that create an imbalance within your relationship.

Your primary focus during 2018 is love and family matters. The challenges that you experience in your relationships will strengthen bonds and build a new level of mutual trust and understanding. During Venus-Mars conjunctions (February 21, August 31, and November 2) passion will intensify although there will also be cooler periods. Maintaining balance is the key to a healthy and happy relationship.

If you’re single: Leos can be wildly popular when they turn on the charm. During the summer period, you won't even have to say or do much to attract welcome attention. Exercise tact and diplomacy when turning down invitations and dating opportunities. Meeting someone special via friends and acquaintances is your most favourable opportunity for new romance.


Your health will be fairly average throughout 2018. Any minor health issues are easily managed, and preventative measures are a good idea. Keep a check on your mental energy as you may become drained. Maintaining a fit and active lifestyle will help you maintain strength and vitality. Make a few positive adjustments to your usual eating habits and balance with regular exercise, to top up your energy levels.

Finances and expenditure will fluctuate during 2018. Safeguard your money by planning with care and saving for a rainy day. Any major purchases or investments should be handled with caution, particularly in the period before August. As you approach the latter part of the year you will see an increase in funds.

Your career calls for some determined action in 2018. If you want to reap the rewards later on now is the time to step up and show the world what you’re capable of. Do not fear, as you’ll have an abundance of creative ideas to work with. Your hard work and commitment will demonstrate steady progress on your career path, and you’ll also be presented with an opportunity to work abroad.



There are major changes in personal and financial circumstances in store for virtuous Virgo during 2018. The changes may require you to count your blessings and stay grounded. Your personal growth is supported by the favourable planetary alignment, which also encourages your natural creativity to shine. Take this opportunity to move forwards in life and remember to support others along the way.

2018 is a beneficial year when everything is in balance and little discord is evident. You’ll be able to manage investment purchases, like a car or property, and travel aboard is also indicated. A minimum of effort will be required to keep things ticking over smoothly, but don’t let this luck go to your head. Stay grounded and enjoy what’s on offer.


The start of 2018 sizzles with passion and intensifies emotions. This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate commitment and trust to your partner. Married and long-term partners will experience peace and tranquility, within the love relationship, through most of the year. You are comfortable dealing with any minor hitches that occur and able to overcome any temporary disharmony. Bonds with loved ones will also be strengthened.

Often considered to be a reliable lover, Virgo can now to show vulnerability whilst maintaining control over emotions. This demonstration will motivate others to be equally honest and open with their display of affection towards you. As the Sun enters Virgo Mercury trines the asteroid Ceres and ensures that honesty flows in abundance. Express feelings and fears openly at this time. The Grand trine (which involves Uranus, Mars, and the Moon) influences romance and delivers a period of excitement that extends throughout the year. Peak times for passion are April, August and late November.

Although your relationship is in harmony making a few compromises will be beneficial to your partnership. Your busy lifestyle will keep you occupied and focused throughout 2018, so postpone making grand gestures and big commitments until next year.

If you’re single: You’ll easily connect to new people everywhere you go this year. Take up active outdoor sports and activities to increase dating opportunities, particularly if you want to connect to potential partners who are not usually your type. Your friends will also be keen to introduce you to potential dates, so exercise discernment before deciding whether or not to say "yes please".


You’ll be in good shape during 2018 with glowing health and vitality in abundance. Taking things easy and enjoying leisure time at a relaxing pace balances out all the physical activity you’ll want to fit in. Keep a check on your health to ensure any minor health issues, in the latter part of the year, are resolved easily. Stay fit and healthy by eating well and exercising regularly.

Finances are comfortably controlled this year. You won’t have too much of a problem sticking to a budget and this will help you to reduce unnecessary expenditure. Although you’ll still be tempted to splash out on high value purchases you’ll easily exercising more caution than you have for quite some time. Keeping a check on your bank balance also means that you will be able to save money for travel and education.

Your career opens up new opportunities for the year ahead. Your input will be appreciated and colleagues will step in to assist with projects and deadlines. If you are looking to change career direction grab the opportunities that are presented to you. Set your goals and use your drive and ambition to follow the path that opens up during 2018. The possibility of career advancement and an increase in salary are also possible.



Libra finally leaves the challenging past behind and moves forward into a positive and problem-free new year. 2018 delivers a major advancement in all aspects of your life. And about time too! Your new energy will enhance your creativity and natural artistic talents and will also take your communication skills up a level. You will comfortably take all of the exciting changes in your stride and make your dreams a reality.

2018 is a year of substantial growth for Libra. You will buy a property, sign legal and binding contracts and purchase a new car. Your personal and professional confidence will expand and you’ll start to feel like everything you touch turns to gold. You will also be helped in getting new creative projects off the ground.


Greater intimacy and a better level of mutual understanding and communication ensure that your love relationship is committed and harmonious. Love and romance is in the air throughout 2018, and there will be plenty of opportunity to express heartfelt feelings. Mutual trust leads to shared happiness and makes both partners feel appreciated, valued and loved. Libra is romantic and charming has a natural knack of connecting with people on a deeper level. You know what to say, and the best time to say it.

2018 primarily focuses on commitment and long-term relationships for you. The Lunar North Node in early Libra means that karmic connections will play a part in your positive new life. Be sure to express your emotional needs so that they can be fully met within the relationship. Be honest and frank with your partner and make sure he/she doesn’t feel neglected. If marriage is on your mind you’ll hear wedding bells this year.

By the autumn thoughts will turn to cosying up at home. As Saturn enters Sagittarius, powerful passion has free reign and you may find that your relationship gets a lot more intense and serious very quickly. The latter part of the year sees you developing a deeper emotional connection and working together to create a life that is fulfilling and happy.

If you’re single: Finding a meaningful connection is important to you this year. Typical casual encounters have lost their appeal, so you’ll be looking to get sociable with new people. Easy going Libra will have plenty of affectionate fun during 2018, particularly from the late summer into autumn. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet interesting people and a soul mate is also likely to appear.


You are likely to feel a drain on your mental and physical energy because you have plenty of activity going on. The planetary alignments offer protection against any major health issues, this year. You will however, still need to pay attention to your diet and fitness regime. For optimum health your energy must be maintained and balanced. Try not to over burden your body and mind as this will deplete your energy and lead to fatigue.

Your finances will be stable and steady with an increase in income during the year. Prioritise and budget to control your spending. Handle your finances with due care and attention so that you do not restrict yourself later on. The purchase of a property may dent your bank balance, but you’ll be able to secure what you need to cover travel expenses.

Diplomatic Libra knows how to manage difficult situations and quickly overcomes any hitches on the career front. There will be opportunities to make some major decisions, during the middle of the year. You will also be able to demonstrate your skills and talents and this will create major career changes in the latter part of 2018. Expect a promotion or salary increase in recognition of your efficient performance.



Reviving and revisiting dreams and ambitions is the theme throughout most of 2018 for Scorpio. Determined and forceful, you will need to prioritise your time and give extra energy to all projects to ensure a successful outcome is achieved. Your personal and professional life will experience many changes so be prepared for the unexpected. As a result you will benefit from a renewed zest for life and a more positive outlook.

Travel opportunities are on offer for compulsive Scorpio. You will travel for pleasure, but also as a learning experience. Your finances will be fairly average even though your primary focus is on career progression for most of the year. Expect a few misunderstandings, within your family, which result in minor issues that need to be ironed out.


Your love relationship gets a boost of romance to make it more exciting this year. For you, getting your needs met in a relationship is important, so ensure that you work on improving communication with your partner. This improvement will open up an opportunity to express feelings more openly. You will therefore be able to demonstrate your loyalty and commitment to your partner. Don’t let your jealous and obsessive traits spoil the progress you have made, as this will create problems within the relationship.

Adopting an open-minded and flexible approach enhances intimacy and draws you both closer together. If you do not have trust and understanding your partner may become disheartened and will look for love elsewhere. A strongly bonded union will remain so, but remember to keep a check on things so that harmony reigns. Mercury retrogrades (January 21 - February 11, May 18 - June 11 and September 17 - October 9) suggest that you put in some extra effort during these times. Talk more and keep your possessive nature under control.

There will be many little tests and challenges in all aspects of your life throughout 2018. Where love relationships are concerned you’ll have periods of steamy passion coupled with misunderstandings. Make time for each other no matter what else is happening around you so that you can resolve issues before they grow. You’ll experience a happier period when Venus, Jupiter, and Mars unite in Virgo (between October 9 - November 8). Book some time away together and rekindle your love.

If you’re single: Potential suitors are ready and waiting at the start of 2018. These encounters may not amount to much so protect your heart whilst enjoying the fun. There will be plenty of dating opportunities throughout the year, but September to November is particularly favourable for connecting with interesting people. If you’re looking for meaningful romance someone special will cross your path during this period.


Scorpio will start 2018 with a clean bill of health. As the year progresses and you become exceptionally busy you will find that your energy is depleted. Regularly recharging your batteries is essential if you want to keep your health and vitality balanced and in good shape. A few cold related bugs may slow you down for a while but these are easily treated.

Your financial status remains fairly even throughout much of 2018. Making a few minor adjustments to your budget will help you deal with unexpected expenditures as they arise. Keep an eye on your bank balance to reduce excessive spending. You’ll earn a fair income this year and increase your savings potential. Further earnings may be linked to foreign connections.

Your career takes priority over other aspects of your life in 2018. Making your impression in the workplace will guarantee that you are noticed, and will improve your chances of recognition. You’ll easily make new connections and your relationship with your colleagues and superiors will improve. Use your skills and talents to inspire others as this will benefit you in the long run. April and May are highly favourable months for promotion.



Sagittarians will experience a big self-confidence boost during 2018. This positive impact will help you achieve more than you may have expected, so actively prioritising your ideas will be a necessary consideration as the year moves forward. Optimistic and straightforward you may be, but you may find that your attention is easily caught up elsewhere, causing problems in your relationships.

You are likely to receive mixed results for all your efforts. July indicates there is an opportunity for relaxing long-distance travel, but simultaneous obstacles will mean that you have to postpone your travel plans. Major investments and purchases, like property, are best left for another year as you are likely to encounter further problems that cause personal disappointment.


Sagittarians in a long-term committed partnership will need to put in some extra effort in order to maintain relationship harmony. Your freedom loving nature instantly appeals to members of the opposite sex so you may find yourself on the receiving end of plenty of attention from interested parties. Be cautious where making a move is concerned, if you’re not single. Acting without thinking could create problems with your partner. Learn the lessons of communication and voice your concerns to your partner.

Your love relationship is likely to experience difficulty this year. Conflicting issues will arise so you will have to learn to take the rough with the smooth. 2018 will highlight the differences between you and your partner, so some understanding and flexibility is required if you don’t want to burn bridges. Jupiter is in Leo until mid-August so this will brighten up your relationship with periods of passion, excitement and good old-fashioned fun.

With Venus and Mars both in Libra (November 13 until December 5) your life will be busy but full of positive opportunities. Working together as a team means you can strengthen your connection and increase intimacy without having to do all of the work yourself. You have overcome many hardships in the past and you can do so again. Use your renewed interest to create the relationship of your dreams.

If you’re single: 2018 delivers ample opportunity for new love and romance. Potential suitors will be lining up to grab your attention between February and March. By April your dating confidence will be unmatched. Don’t be too hasty when it comes to making a decision over compatibility. Sometimes it takes a little time for someone to grow on you. Make your long-term choice only when you’re ready.


You are in good health throughout much of 2018. Just because you have no major health issues to contend with it doesn’t mean you can get lazy. Make some time to relax and rejuvenate your body as this will ensure your energy remains high and vibrant. Adopt some new health habits that improve your diet and level of physical activity. Taking up a beneficial practice like yoga is great for maintaining health and balance. Staying fit and healthy means you can easily manage any minor health issues towards the end of the year.

Finances will be steady and stable throughout 2018. All of your previous hard work as finally paid off and you can now enjoy a less stressful time. Avoid extravagant purchases and budget to live within your means. Building up some funds for a rainy day is recommended, as the latter part of the year is likely to present unexpected expenditures for irresponsible and superficial Sagittarians. Always double check before signing legal documentation and keep a check on fraudulent activity.

Your career will leave you feeling drained of energy this year. You have a busy period ahead so it is essential that you try to conserve as much energy as possible, as it will help you overcoming any obstacles and difficulties in the workplace. Believe in yourself and trust your instincts. Work hard and increase your efficiency and performance and you’ll reap the rewards at the right time.



2018 is the prime time for Capricorn to show off creative skills and talents. Your passion can carry you straight into the limelight so expect interest, recognition and good compensation for your efforts. During this hectic period it is important to maintain balance in your personal life. This may not always be possible but try your best to avoid career domination.

Adopting a proactive approach to life will ensure you are happy with your lot. Be prepared to work hard tackling professional and personal problems as and when they arise. International travel is favourable this year, although you may suddenly find yourself losing belongings on your travels. Expect to be asked for unexpected favours as you quickly become everyone’s favourite person. Help those you can, but steer well clear of offering risky financial support.


Prudent and patient Capricorn will enjoy a calm love life this year. Any niggling thoughts will be released and you’ll step into a period of relationship happiness and harmony that perfectly suits you both. You’ll have plenty of time for yourself and quality time to devote to your partner. This creates a better level of trust and mutual understanding and moves intimacy up a few notches. Enjoy this well-earned reward.

Married couples will enjoy an abundance of happiness by sharing new positive experiences. Long-term partnerships may bloom into marriage. All the while your daily activities and chores will easily slot into place around busy commitments. You may even catch yourself thinking that everything is too good to be true! Try to avoid celebrating in grand style between April and August, as this will create a sizeable dent in your finances.

Loving relationships may experience extremes this year. These experiences present Capricorn with an opportunity to create a dream relationship. Any decisions that concern reaffirming commitment, or breaking up the union, must be handled with care and consideration. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius (January 21 - February 11) will create additional confusion and disagreements are likely to ensue. Remain calm and collected to see this through.

If you’re single: 2018 is a perfect year to start and build a new love relationship. You’ll be feeling confident and outgoing and will have plenty of chances to mingle with interesting people. Group activities could link you to people you wouldn’t otherwise meet, so try something new in February or March. Exercise discernment in your dating choices and let love find you.


Capricorn will enjoy good health and vitality this year. Continue taking good care of yourself by ensuring you stay active and proactive. Eat nutritious food for a balanced diet, and limit spicy and fatty foods as these foodstuffs increase your chances of digestive problems later in the year. If you feel sluggish during the summer gently increase your daily physical activity. Topping up your energy will help you maintain good general health and vitality right up to the end of the year.

Jupiter has a positive influence over your finances in 2018. Your income will be steady and stable and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to increase finances. Seek necessary solutions to clear outstanding debts and pay attention to budgeting. The start of the year is a favourable time if you are thinking of a loan or financial assistance. As you approach 2018 your finances will be a lot healthier.

Professional aspirations are your priority this year. You will reap rich dividends for hard work done and see positive career progression. Your professional commitment and determination will be unrivalled. As you stabilise your career you will enjoy ample opportunities, with financial incentives attached. Whatever you seek in your professional life you are likely to achieve in 2018.



Intellectual and independent Aquarius will need to tackle many challenges head on this year. There is a mixed bag of experiences in store and you will need to conserve energy in order to dig deep and resolve issues. Jupiter offers an opportunity to examine what you really want from life. Step forward with confidence and use your abundance of skills and talents to create positive change. 2018 allows you to shake up your world and to build a brighter and happier version.

Career progression this year may include some long distance travel along with an opportunity to relocate. This is highly favourable opportunity and it will enable you alter other aspects of your life that no longer serve you. Communicate clearly with loved ones and explore every opportunity and possibility that heads your way. By the end of the year you’ll be ready for complete transformation.


Your love life will surprise you with challenges this year so to be prepared for the unexpected. Your relationship will enjoy moments of stability combined with rocky and unpredictable swings. Temporary separation may be beneficial as it gives you both an opportunity to re-evaluate your relationship. Your friends and family will be supportive at this challenging time, but they may also negatively influence your decision. Listen to your heart and trust your instincts.

To create relationship harmony better communication is the key. Put in extra effort and nurture trust and honesty. February and March sees you working together to reach an understanding of sorts. Your relationship still has some mileage so work at increasing the intensity of the flames of love. Putting effort in at the start of the year will reward you with a summer that is full of promise.

The Sun enters Sagittarius as it conjuncts with Saturn, and joins the Grand trine in late November. This is a favourable time to make the most important relationship decisions as your desires will be supported by the Universe. Choose to strengthen your love connection with your partner or make a clean break. If the union offers the level of security that you need work to overcome the necessary challenges and rekindle your love.

If you’re single: 2018 promises plenty of passion for Aquarians. Mercury retrograde (January 21 - February 11) suggests that you take your time over choosing dating partners. From mid March to the end of July you’ll be too busy getting on with life to pay much attention to potential suitors. Stay sociable during the summer months as you’re more likely to meet your ideal mate during this period. By the latter part of the year you’ll be blissfully enjoying partnership life.


Your health remains in peak condition throughout 2018. Your immune system is supported so you are unlikely to pick up any common bugs or infections. Boost your vitality by exercising regularly and eating a well balanced diet, with treats in moderation. Preventive health measures will also help you stay in good health. Try meditation to maintain your high energy levels.

Although you may be experiencing emotional turbulence your finances will remain fairly stable and steady. To reduce expenditure try to avoid unnecessary indulgence. Aim to stabilise your budget early on in the year as you may incur expenses relating to property or investment during the latter part of 2018.

Like your finances, your career stays steady. There are no major events or opportunities to increase your wealth. Putting in extra effort now however, means that you will reap the rewards when the time is right. Use your skills and knowledge to spot opportunities to earn additional income. Stay focused on the job in hand and put in extra graft. Although promotion and professional recognition may be temporarily on hold, you’ll receive your rewards in due course.



As you wave goodbye to the challenges of the last few years Pisces, in come some new demands. 2018 delivers fresh challenges that will make you more confident, assertive and focused. Try to resist the temptation to exercise your impulsive nature, and use the positive energy to progress projects and increase opportunities and possibilities.

Advantageous opportunities will present themselves with perfect timing, making your life a little easier at times. As your obstacles are reduced your self-confidence will increase. This period is also an excellent time to develop your interest in spiritual matters. 2018 is all about regaining your identity, both in the home and in a professional capacity.


For the time being your love life with be comfortable and stress free. 2018 presents an opportunity to improve communication with your partner so that you can both freely express your feelings more openly. You’ll also share a better understanding of each other’s needs and mutual trust, in a way that re-energies the relationship.

Married couples and long-term committed partners will experience a deeper level of intimacy with reignited passion. Remain realistic in your expectations, as you have a tendency to be idealistic and escapist. Enjoy those special moments in your relationship without creating a drama or putting pressure on your partner. From mid-February through to mid-March, and again during November, you will need to adopt a more flexible approach in order to handle your relationship with care.

Long-term partnerships may recapture those romantic feelings of first love, as the three Venus-Mars conjunctions during 2018 will increase passion and longing. During this time life becomes calmer, and towards the latter part of the year you can both settle into a pleasant mutually supportive time. Make sure that the demands of your professional life do not negatively impact on your renewed relationship balance.

If you’re single: If you’re looking for love 2018 is guaranteed to keep you busy. The Solar Eclipse in March clearly states that romance is heading in your direction so enjoy the attention and affection whilst it’s on display. The period between April and August is all about you so giving dating a miss is a good idea at this time. As autumn arrives you’ll be ready to connect with that perfect stranger.


Although a few minor health issues may crop up you are likely to enjoy health that is in pretty good shape for most of 2018. The stress, depression and fatigue of recent times is long gone, so work on maintaining positive health and keep your energy levels topped up. Get plenty of quality sleep and regular exercise and eat a balanced diet. Find some quality time to recharge your batteries every day.

Whilst you are enjoying many improvements in your life this year your finances will remain unpredictable. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to increase your income, but you will have to remain alert in order to spot the possibilities that arrive via multiple avenues. When opportunity knocks be ready to make your pick. Trust your instincts and don’t leave anything to chance. Put a stop to extravagant spending and start living within your means.

Pisces needs to feel fulfilled in life. The career choice you make will affect your mood and how you view yourself, so it’s important that you follow your calling. Follow your passion and do work that satisfies your soul. Use your skills and talents to widen the range of possibilities and opportunities for career advancement. Increasing efficiency and performance will get you noticed, and a salary increase may be just the incentive you need right now.