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How To Handle The Family Bully This Christmas!

Families are made up of individuals who are linked together by bloodline and heritage. Sometimes these people get along quite happily.

What Your Departed Loved Ones Want You To Know…

There are numerous reasons why communicating with loved ones, in the afterlife, is a popular type of mediumship reading.

Fun Christmas Activities To Lift Your Mood!

To combat the cold weather and dark nights of winter there are many fun and mood uplifting Christmas activities that you can enjoy.

How To Celebrate Tree Dressing Day In Style!

Initiated in 1990, by the arts and environmental charity Common Ground, the 3rd December is now widely recognised as Tree Dressing Day.

Are You A Christmas Day Baby?

If you are a Christmas Day Baby you share your birthday with Jesus Christ – what could be better?

Practice Meaningful Meditation This Winter and Avoid Those Winter Blues!

Meditation is a feel good habit that is surprisingly easy to do. It can be practiced any time and anywhere, and the benefits are immediate.

The 5 Journeys Of Love

The 5 Journeys Of Love

The first time you go through a cycle of the journey of love, you can get stuck for a long time, or even a lifetime…

10 Instant Feel Good Mood Boosters

10 Instant Feel Good Mood Boosters

Wherever you feel an energy slump, are down in the dumps, or you need cheering up, try one of these instant feel good mood boosters…

Remember Remember the 5th of November.

Remember Remember the 5th of November.

The 5th of November has traditionally been a night to celebrate Guy Fawkes being caught in the Gunpowder plot.

Pyromancy For Bonfire Night

Pyromancy For Bonfire Night

The art of interpreting flames is called Pyromancy, and it is thought to date back to the days when man first discovered fire…