Where did the Easter Bunny come from?

Easter is around the corner and in the shops we see the classic Easter holiday symbol the Bunny rabbit, but where did the symbol come from? The meaning of different Easter traditions have been forgotten over time with a lot of the roots being Pre-Christianity, the Holiday by many is regarded as a celebration of […]

The Power of Light

LIGHT: (mass NOUN) The natural agent that stimulates sight & makes things visible; a source of illumination. ENLIGHTENMENT: (mass NOUN) Spiritual illumination by divine truth. Visible light is electromagnetic radiation that falls within the response range of the human retina (between 390 nm violet light and 740 nm red light). The difference between coloured light […]

History of The Tarot

What does “Tarot” mean? •”Tarot” could be a derivative of the Ancient Egyptian God “Thoth”, God of Magic and Words.  Tarot is often referred to as “the royal road to wisdom” which derives from the ancient Egyptian words “tar” (royal) and “ro” (road). •Some suggest that “tarot” is a play on the word “Torah”, the […]

St George’s Day

Celebrated on 23 April every year, St George’s Day is England’s national day. The commemorative day honors the country’s patron saint on the anniversary of his death. Although not a national holiday buildings are usually decorated with flags bearing the distinctive red St George’s cross.   Who is St George? According to folklore St George […]

Halloween – What’s It All About?

Halloween is an annual autumnal celebration that combines traditional harvest festival commemoration with more unusual customs. Halloween means the day before All Hallows Day (or All Saints Day) and takes place on October 31. Modern day customs usually involve dressing up in garish outfits, trick or treating and decorating your home with hollowed out, carved […]

Spirit animals and what they mean

The history of spirit animals dates back to the beliefs of Native American Indian tribes and Australian Aboriginals. These beliefs blend Animistic and Totemistic ideals that can be found in other religious belief systems and ideologies. Animism is the belief that all plants, animals and objects have spirits or souls. Therefore, those who ascribe to […]