Author: Bashabi Sarker

Where did the Easter bunny come from?

Easter is around the corner and in the shops we see the classic Easter holiday symbol the Bunny rabbit, but where did the symbol come from? The meaning of different Easter traditions have been forgotten over time with a lot of the roots being Pre-Christianity, the Holiday by many is regarded as a celebration of […]

St George’s Day

Celebrated on 23 April every year, St George’s Day is England’s national day. The commemorative day honors the country’s patron saint on the anniversary of his death. Although not a national holiday buildings are usually decorated with flags bearing the distinctive red St George’s cross.   Who is St George? According to folklore St George […]

The Origins of Halloween

It is Halloween tonight and people will be celebrating all across the world with trick-or-treating, an online psychic reading or a marathon of scary movies. As we get caught up in all these celebrations, we tend to forget how Halloween ever came about, so here is a short history of the celebration. Halloween, or All […]

How To Create Good Karma

Many people associate the word karma with bad luck and pay back. It is often associated with the expression “what goes around comes around”, which highlights the cycle of karma. Karma however is best explained as the spiritual debt that we all carry in each lifetime. This is so that the soul can evolve through […]

Why Setting Boundaries Is A Healthy Spiritual Practice

Having healthy boundaries is beneficial to your wellbeing. If you happen to be a highly sensitive empathic and intuitive person setting these boundaries is absolutely essential. Without boundaries you are likely to pick up and absorb the negative vibe and highly charged emotions of people, places and situations all around you. Are You Empathic? If […]

How To Include Prayer In Your Life

Prayer means different things to different people. If you are devoutly religious, prayer typically plays an important part of everyday life. If you only turn to prayer in times of emergency, you are likely to be a casual believer who expects to see miracles occur in return for your devotion. Praying doesn’t need to follow […]

3 Reasons Not To Have A Prediction Reading

Psychic readings that focus entirely on learning future outcomes tend not to be as helpful as empowering readings that offer insight, clarity and validation. Empowering readings can help you put things into perspective and often provide penny-dropping moments where you gain greater self-awareness. A psychic prediction reading is not an exact science, and therefore may […]

7 Reasons To Smile More

Want to lift your mood, improve your health and attract people towards you – all at the same time? All you have to do is smile. Smiling makes you happier, and makes the brain release feel good endorphins that continue to improve your overall mood. The more you smile, the greater the positive vibes that […]

Why Chocolate Is The Cure

Studies and research has proven that munching on high quality chocolate can improve health and wellbeing in a number of positive ways. Yay! Provided that you’re not regularly bingeing on the stuff, eating a little bit of chocolate every day is good for you. In fact, it’s possibly the cure for a multitude of things. […]

The Benefits Of Owning Less Stuff

It usually starts with buying a few things, and typically ends up with hording items that you no longer have any use for. When you own a lot of ‘stuff’ you can quickly reach the point when you are living beyond your means, and continually trying to keep up with the neighbours or your friends. […]