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Reader Articles’ Category

Is your Child Psychic?

From reading their parents thoughts, to knowing things beyond their years. Signs your child is Psychic

Mothers Telepathic link with their children.

Can Mothers intuition explained through telepathic link with children?

How to Spiritually connect with your pet

Paw in hand; the two of you will travel a journey of the heart together.

Getting in Touch with Crystals

Learn how to get in touch with crystals and help increase your energy, with our article from Reader 0450

The Aura

Learn about your Aura and how to tune in, with our article from reader 0450

Understanding your inner Intuition and Aura

learn how to cleanse your Aura and listening to your Intuition

What is Karma? Can we change it?

Are we really in charge of our own Karma, Can we really change it?

Connecting to your Angels

Are you connected to your Past Life Angel?

Enneagram: The Key to Fulfilment

Do people see you, the way you perceive yourself?

Spiritual Consciousness.. Does it Exist?

For many years people have pondered on the true meaning of happiness and spiritual consciousness, desperately wanting to realize at least one of them, but often lacking a concrete understanding of how to go about it. There are many views on what spiritual consciousness means