Celebrating Your Daughter/Father Relationship

Father’s Day on Sunday 18th June is the annual celebration of the bond between you and your dad. If the significant 1st male in your life is a stepfather, grandfather or other father figure, you can also celebrate this unique loving connection at this time.

The Special Connection

The bond between a daughter and father is a special one that usually plays a big part in subconsciously influencing a girl’s future relationships with men. Growing up, the relationship that you have with your father is hugely important, and it will positively or negatively impact on the rest of your life. As a child, it is your father’s responsibility to form a positive relationship and bond, and to show you, via the relationship with your mother, what a loving relationship looks like. Unfortunately, there are many women who do not experience this, and they grow up having to learn what love is on their own.

No matter what your current relationship is with your father, you can celebrate the special connection in a meaningful way on Father’s Day. If your relationship is solid and great, making time to pamper your dad and nurture the bond will be easy for you. If your relationship is poor, this is an excellent opportunity to build bridges and to have a grown up real conversation, so that you can understand your dad’s perspective. No relationship or contact means that you no longer have someone filling in the shoes of a primary parent. You may be fine with this, or you may decide to give your daughter’s love to an alternative father figure who supports and nurtures you.

The Good Daughter/Father Relationship

If you are lucky enough to have grown up with a doting Daddy make sure that you cherish this special connection. The caring, loving, nurturing father has taken good care of you and now it’s your turn to make him feel special. On Father’s Day plan some quality time together and make new happy memories that you can share and remember in the coming years. Make every effort to celebrate your bond because this man never took your relationship for granted.

The Poor Daughter/Father Relationship

There are many women who have a less than average quality relationship with the man they grew up calling “dad”. As an adult you have the advantage of wisdom and life experience to help you understand why your relationship was not as good as it could have been. If you would like to heal the relationship and to strengthen the bond, take the opportunity on Father’s Day to build the communication bridge. Accept that your dad did the best that he could at the time, and give him an invitation to talk and to share experiences.

No Daughter/Father Relationship

If you grew up with an absent father or the relationship completely broke down between you and your biological father, it is up to you to decide how you wish to fill the void. Some daughters are happy to accept a stepfather, grandfather or other significant male as a substitute dad. Celebrate your unique connection with the man who provided the support that you needed, whatever your age was. Not everyone’s “family” is actually made up of blood relations through generations. An alternative father is worth his weight in gold.

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