Chanelle Hayes splits from Jack Tweedy

Chanelle Hayes splits from Jack TweedyBig Brother star Chanelle Hayes announced this week that she is splitting from Jack Tweedy for good.

The couple first got together in April 2010 and split the following July before getting back together again, and although both appeared to have worked hard on their relationship, a number of problems have taken their toll.

Jack was married to Jade Goody in February 2009, who sadly died a month later from cervical cancer. Although Chanelle and Jack got together a full year after Jack became a widow, she now admits that it was too soon for Jack to try building a relationship with anyone else.

The Big Brother star took to Twitter to say that they “shouldn’t have entered a relationship”, and even though he reportedly denied that he was still grieving, recent interviews and television appearances with Jack have publicly shown that he is “still so badly grieving”.

Jack has yet to comment on the split, but Chanelle has said that she made the decision because it was “simply unfair to all involved”, particularly to her children.

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