How Chores Are An Opportunity To Enjoy More Fun

Whether you like it or not, chores are necessary tasks that enable you to maintain a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. Washing up, cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, and a host of other equally dreary sounding jobs, need to be done on a regular basis. How you view the mundane tasks can make a big difference to how quickly and effortlessly your chores are completed. By choosing to see chores as an opportunity to have more fun, you’ll breeze through each job in no time.

Dance Yourself Dizzy

Music is the inspiration that you need to get boring household chores done and dusted. You can switch on the radio or plug into your MP3 player for music while you work. If you’re sweeping, mopping or vacuuming the floor, you can let your body synchronise to the rhythmic beats, as you make up your own dance routine.

Daily or weekly cleaning chores are great for maximising your exercise. You can turn your boring chore into a lower body workout but incorporating power lunges and squats, as you move the vacuum cleaner backwards and forwards. Lunges also help to extend your reach when you’re picking up toys and clutter off the floor. You can also strap on some wrist and ankle weights for extra resistance that helps to build lean muscle.

Set Yourself A Challenge

To cut your chore time in half challenge yourself to a race against the clock. Set a timer and move around the house tidying up or cleaning as you go. Being conscious that you have a limited amount of time will make you pick up the pace. The frantic movements of your body will burn off extra calories and will make you feel re-energised. Rewarding yourself with a little treat, if you meet your challenge, is a great incentive.

Work As A Team

Getting your partner or children involved with chores has many benefits. You can half your workload, strengthen your loving bond, and have fun in the process. Creating a chore circuit – with a variety of jobs to be done – allows you to allocate individual tasks, and to take turns doing the most boring bits. You can put on some music for motivation, and also set a time challenge. Or you can take it in turns to delegate the chores.

Audio And Visual Entertainment

Jobs that take a longer time to complete can often be the chores that no one wants to start and finish. Cleaning the car, mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, scrubbing floors or painting walls, can be a lot more fun and entertaining when you’re listening to an audiobook. Watching your favourite TV soaps or movies, whilst wading through a huge pile of ironing, also makes time fly by.

Reconnecting With Nature

Essential daily tasks like walking the dog, no longer have to be dull and boring events. Shifting your perspective turns your pet’s exercise session into a mini adventure. Vary your recreational spots so that you have interesting new things to look at on route. If visiting a large park or open area, take a moment to connect with nature. Listen to the sounds, and focus on the details of the scenery. If you’re feeling sociable, you could set yourself the challenge of saying a friendly “hello” to every other dog walker that you meet.


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