Are You A Christmas Day Baby?

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Considered by many to be the unluckiest day of the year to be born on – because you’ll end up with combined birthday and Christmas presents – 25th December is the most special day in the Christian calendar. If you are a Christmas Day baby you share your birthday with Jesus Christ.



Capricorn Astrology

The zodiac sign of Capricorn (22nd December – 19th January) is represented by the symbol of the goat. The Capricorn Constellation covers an area of 414 sq degrees, with visible latitudes at +60° to -90°. Your Ruling house is the tenth house, which governs your career and social paths, and your Ruling body is Saturn.

As an Earth element, Capricorn has a big heart and a love of helping others. Although you can be quiet shy at first, your natural charm wins people round in the end. When you’re in the right company you can become very passionate and focused on what you want. Although you’re dedicated to your goals in life, you sometimes have a habit of spending money like you don’t have a care in the world.

The stars and planets are aligned to bring you good luck on Saturdays. Throughout 2018 your lucky numbers are 1, 8, 10, 17 and 21.


Typical Positive Capricorn Traits

Your persistence and tenacity are positive traits that help you achieve great things. As a helpful person, you also show respect and appreciation for others, and expect the same in return. You are also practical and down to earth, with the ability to be extremely resourceful.


Christmas babyThe Negative Traits Of a Capricorn

Some people consider Capricorns to be somewhat cold and distant. You may be ruled by winter and ice, but you do have a warm heart. Sometimes your self-esteem is low and you settle for less than you are worth. Your pessimistic nature colours your view of the world and attracts more negative experiences to you. If you could just let go of your stubborn attitude you would see that anything is possible.


Career Progression

Capricorn is ambitious and not afraid of aiming high. You understand the importance of education and are constantly striving to better yourself. To make steady progress in your chosen vocation you need to demonstrate initiative in 2018. Show people how reliable and dependable you are, and produce high quality results.


Love, Romance & Relationships

As an Earth element sign you are naturally drawn towards people who are born under the other two Earth signs – Taurus and Virgo. When you are in the company of these people you feel at peace, because you share similar expectations and the same vision of life. You’re a sensitive lover who knows how to shower your partner with love and affection. Sometimes though your shy approach can result in love that is unrequited. If you’re looking for love in 2018 you can expect to find a sensible partner who is as charming as you. Pisces and Cancer both offer a compatible option. It’s unlikely that your lover will be a Sagittarian, as that is your least compatible zodiac love match.



Famous Capricorns

You share your festive birthday with singers Annie Lennox and Dido, actress Sissy Spacek, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Other famous Christmas Day babies include Sir Isaac Newton and Humphrey Bogart.
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