What Your Departed Loved Ones Want You To Know…


There are numerous reasons why communicating with loved ones, in the afterlife, is a popular type of mediumship reading. Many people sense loved ones around them and want to know if they are imagining the experience. Other people want to understand what this kind of communication means. Afterlife contact is rather like extremely long-distance communication with loved ones, and generally happens for the same type of reasons.



Loved ones who have passed sometimes make afterlife contact simply to say “hello”. It’s a bit like calling up a friend you haven’t seen for a while, because you miss them or want to know what they’ve been up to. Sometimes this form of contact is established during a difficult or challenging experience that you are going through. Your loved ones want to let you know that they are thinking of you, and that they are there by your side in your hour of need.



I’m OK, How Are You?

Coping with the loss of a loved one, that you had a particularly close bond with, can be difficult for many people. You may sense their presence in the room with you, or whenever you hold a meaningful possession. Sometimes other members of your family may be receiving the same kind of signs and messages that you sense or recieve. These connections occur to let you know that they have crossed over to the other side and are OK.  They are no longer experiencing pain or suffering, and want to tell you this.

When you are going through the experience of grieving you may not notice subtle signs that your loved one leaves you. Some spirits are ready and able to start connecting right away. Others may need a little more time before they connect with you via a medium. Even if communication does not come through for you in this way, it is important to know that your loved ones are always around you. To sense this presence, take a moment to connect with your heart as you think about them.



Just Checking In

In much the same way that you may say something like” “Call me when you get there” to someone you love as you part company, loved ones in the afterlife want to check in with you.

This type of contact let’s you know that they have arrived at their destination safely, and that everything is fine. This can be a great comfort, and also confirms that their spirit is always around you. Our loved ones in spirit watch over us and share our joys and sorrows. Clairaudient mediums who have inner hearing can pass on direct messages, from spirit, that relate to recent and current events in your life. This lets you know that your loved one is with you when you are going through a rough time, celebrating a special event or significant date, or whenever you are thinking about them and missing them.



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