Enhancing The Crystal Magic In Your Home

Crystals are magical stones that have the power to reduce negative vibes and create more happy harmony, in your space and surroundings. When combined with the ancient Japanese art of Feng Shui, crystals can improve your wellbeing and encourage harmonious relationships in the home environment.

Personal Space

The personal space within your auric field typically measures around 3ft all the way around your body. As your aura has the ability to attract and repel people and opportunities it’s a good idea to boost its protection and general efficiency. Wearing jewellery that is embellished with powerful crystals is an easy way to do this.

Labradorite enhances psychic gifts, clairvoyant abilities and psychic vision, and can also help you strengthen your spiritual connection with your spirit guides. Worn on a beautiful ring, pendant necklace or bracelet, Labradorite will stimulate the psychic energies and enhance the vibration of your personal space.

Welcoming Your Guests

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is essential if you want your friends and guests to enjoy the experience of being in your home. Placing a piece of Tourmaline crystal in your hallway will repel negativity and enhance the positive vibes. This crystal is also associated with protection and grounding, and can enhance your general good fortune.

The Heart Of The Home

The heart of every home is the kitchen. To make this room even more appealing and inviting use brown/orange/red coloured crystals like Tiger’s Eye and Carnelian. Tiger’s Eye attracts harmony into your space, and boosts confidence. A piece of this crystal placed by on your worktop or windowsill can inspire you to experiment with your culinary skills. Carnelian will help to boost the atmosphere by inviting more laughter, happiness and joy.

Lounging In The Living Room

When you’re trying to relax in the lounge the last thing you want to feel is stressed. Fluorite crystal is highly protective and the perfect stone to use to soothe your worries, stress and tension. The crystal absorbs and neutralises negative energy so that you can enjoy your calm and balanced living space.

Romantic Bedroom Ambience

There are many powerful crystals that can enhance your bedroom comfort and experience. Rose Quartz is perfect for healing heart issues and energising the love vibration. A piece of Amethyst placed under your pillow will enhance your sweet dreams every night. If insomnia is keeping you awake at night let Howlite absorb the negativity, stress, anxiety and feelings of self-doubt.

Business Success

If you have a home office or study space in your home, place a piece of Amazonite crystal on your desk. As you work, you will find that your intuition, creativity and concentration are enhanced, and you can easily meet all of your deadlines. To improve your communication skills, keep a piece of Blue Topaz crystal close to hand. The powerful crystal will also boost your leadership abilities.

Bathroom Bliss

To ensure that you’re always feeling your best, leave a piece of Unakite Jasper crystal in the smallest room in your home. When you relax and soak in a hot bath, after a hard day, the nurturing green crystal will balance the emotional body and relax your muscles so that you feel ready for anything!

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