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The Fool Tarot Card is numbered 0 in the tarot deck, representing the number of unlimited potential. This card does not have a place in the tarot deck and may come at the beginning or the end of the Major Arcana Tarot deck. The Fool Tarot Card is most commonly associated with new beginnings, suggesting aspects of your life are about to change.

The Fool Tarot Card represents a man knowing nothing, who has so much to learn. The Fool lives for today and takes all the risks. But at the same time, he never seems to be unhappy. He ignores his conscience and even though he may find himself on the very edge, he refuses to take any notice.

We have all played the fool at some stage in our lives. We have all had to take that risk we now regret. Or we all had the chance to progress and open new doorways, but we didn’t allow our ourselves to go through them.

The Fool Card also acts as a warning to us, that we shouldn’t let other people influence us into making decisions. And also not to be too hasty to rush into things, before we have had chance to think about them. As the old saying goes: “ Don’t run before you can walk, you’re bound to fall over”.

If you refuse to listen to your conscience,  The Fool instead will warn you of what is in front of you, which you refuse to accept. This situation can be applied to any aspect of your life such as a new job, a new home, or even a new partner.

The Fool Tarot Meaning in Your Relationships

The Fool Tarot in the relationship position represents a carefree and inhibited attitude towards your relationships. The Fool Tarot Card suggests you need to take risks and you enjoy trying new things. When new opportunities present themselves in your relationships, you always throw caution to the wind and explore the unknown. The Fool Tarot in relationships is also very spiritual. The Fool calms a restless mind and balances feelings such as anger,  jealousy and hate.

This relationship is totally unpredictable, but can be so much fun! Do not think about settling down with The Fool, you will have no chance, as your head will be in bits from start to finish! You must be aware that this relationship could be short lived.

If you are already involved, although you may want a commitment, it may be hard to pin this person down. This is because they like too much of their own freedom. It is possible this person could be younger than yourself, so don’t expect this person to conform to your way to thinking.

The Fool Tarot meaning in work

The Fool may show in your deck when it’s time to embark on a new venture or try a new job. You may be missing opportunities where you could meet new people and make valuable new contacts. This card also suggests to be cautious and think hard before making any career decisions,  as well as to always listen to your conscience.

In it’s reverse, The Fool acts as a warning. Suggesting that reckless and impulsive decisions to do with business will come to nothing. In reverse, The Fool advises against making any decisions regarding business ventures. It is warning you to wait a while longer, be patient and think carefully before thinking about changing your career.

The Fool Work relationship reversed represents a relationship which is on the road to nowhere. This person is lazy is completely narrow minded, totally irresponsible, reckless and selfish. This person may also have verbally bullied you.

The Fool Tarot meaning in timing

The Fool has no concept of timing or the calendar period. The Fool Tarot Card knows that sometimes timing may not be perfect, but timing isn’t everything. The Fool Tarot Card represents new beginnings, fresh starts and the future. The Fool will show you in your deck when your life is ready for a positive complete change of direction.  

The Fool Tarot meaning reversed

When The Fool Card meaning appears upside down in a reading, it signifies somebody who is completely foolish and gullible. You may find yourself  easily swayed during arguments. It represents someone who arrogantly believes themselves to be powerful and has been specially chosen to complete a task that nobody can perform. These people often end up looking like the fool.

The Fool Tarot also represents a problem with over indulging in things such as drinking or gambling. These people don’t tend to care about who they hurt, as they always put themselves first.

The Fool Tarot meaning in Astrology

The Fool Tarot is ruled by Uranus and the element of air. People born under Uranus are often considered to be original, versatile and independent. They always deal with the unexpected well and are often ready for upheaval and change. People with Uranus born under Uranus also have futuristic attitudes with an interest in humanitarianism.

However, people with the star sign of Uranus may also be strange, nervous and cold. They may doubt themselves easily, are often reluctant and easily willing to turn your back on a good thing. They are childish in their relationships and are often frightened of being tied down. They tend to find enjoyment in the present and don’t think of the future. They also often have family troubles due to being reckless and impulsive.

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