How To Handle The Family Bully This Christmas!

Families are made up of individuals who are linked together by bloodline and heritage. Sometimes these people get along quite happily. Other times, there is no love lost between them. Christmas is a seasonal occasion when families usually make an effort to get together. This can cause anxiety, stress and tension, particularly if you have a family bully in your clan.

As an adult you are expected to take most challenges and difficult situations in your stride. When you have a family bully to contend with most people will do their best to keep the peace. If being around someone in your family causes you concern, there are a number of things that you can do to make the situation better.



Stay Centred!

Whenever the family bully is venting and causing chaos, it is always about them and not about you. Bullies have deep-seated issues that they don’t know how to deal with. This results in a projection of their problems onto anyone that they choose to target. When dealing with the bully in your family focus your attention on yourself. Stay centred and grounded so that you can remain calm. Many bullies unleash their anger simply to see the effect that it creates. When you remain calm, whilst the storm is brewing, it causes confusion for the bully.



Rise Above It and Enjoy the Holiday Season!

Just because a bully feels like creating a drama, it doesn’t mean that you have to hang around to be a part of it. You can rise above the situation by leaving the room, not engaging in any communication, and going into ignoring mode. When you do this, you give the family bully the entire stage on which to play out their tantrum like a small child.



Be Direct – Don’t Allow the Bully to Spoil Your Christmas Celebrations!

Standing up to a family bully can be difficult for many reasons. You may not want to cause conflict between other family members. If your parents are elderly, you may not want to cause them any upset. You may also not feel that you have the strength to stand up for yourself, particularly if you have always been the bully’s victim.

In every bullying situation there comes a time when you must take action and stand up for yourself. Be direct with your communication and let them know that you have had enough of their negative behaviour and bullying tactics. You may be surprised to find that the bullying suddenly stops because they just didn’t realise what they have been doing.



Set Up Spiritual Protection for Yourself…

Cutting spiritual etheric cords with someone helps to create distance between you. When you’re feeling vulnerable, psychic protection can divert the negative energy of the family bully so that it does not affect you. You can also create an invisible psychic shield of protection around yourself, and use it in any situation that threatens your physical and mental body.



Express Your Feelings

If you find it difficult to express how you feel in person, write a letter to the family bully explaining everything. Let them know that their behaviour is unacceptable, and how it makes you feel. Express your feelings openly and let them know that you are no longer willing to accept their negativity. Let this letter give you closure on the matter.



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