Honouring Yourself After A Break Up


There are usually tears, and regrets and suffering, and a host of many other painful experiences after the break up of a romantic love relationship. If you’ve been rejected, dumped or cheated on there’s a high probability that you will need to do some substantial healing.

Choose Your Attitude

Your attitude gives you an advantage or a disadvantage when dealing with a break up. If you’re spiritually switched on and self-aware you’ll be ready to accept that the relationship was obviously a “season” connection and not a meaningful “lifetime” one after all. If you’re not quite at the “everything happens for a reason” stage, your attitude could have you repeating the cycle of pain all over again.

Loving and honouring yourself, even when the object of your affections no longer does, enables you to move forward through the heartache and emotional pain.

Accept Your Unique Perfection

To overcome the feeling of rejection it is essential that you learn to celebrate your unique perfection. This may not happen overnight, but slowly and surely you’ll get to a place where you can begin to love yourself again. You’ll need to let go of the past in order to focus entirely on your healing. Accepting that you are an awesome human being, who deserves to be loved and cherished, will give you something to feel good about.

Put Yourself First

Self-love requires commitment and dedication. Learning to put yourself first may require some practice, but you’ll soon get the hang of it. You don’t have to be selfish. You just need to consider your needs above everyone else’s. Focus on doing things that give you a feeling of joy. A few treats also works wonders!

Make A Date With You

Now that you’re free and single this is the prime time to get to know yourself on a whole new level. Discover who you really are by spending quality time with yourself. You’ll quickly realise how much fun it is to have total control over the things that you choose to do. Enjoy regular solo date nights doing fun activities that you love and enjoy.

Have A Pity Party

There may be days when you feel overwhelmed and sorry for yourself. Hey, that’s ok! Having a pity party gives you an opportunity to release your blocked emotions and to have a good cry. Shut yourself off from the world for day and let it all out. Once you’re done with venting and crying, meditate to find your inner calm and tranquil place.

Reinvent Yourself

If you have followed all of the above steps you’ll now be feeling much happier than you did when you first split. Don’t be in a rush to get to the finish line though. Taking your time will naturally get you to the place where you are ready to reinvent yourself. Revamp your style to match your positive new attitude. If you’ve done the necessary inner work you’ll have serious fun redefining the awesome being that you are.

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