10 Instant Feel Good Mood Boosters

There are many positively healthy ways in which to give yourself an energy boost or pick-me-up, instead of casually reaching for another cup of coffee or glass of wine. Wherever you feel an energy slump, are down in the dumps, or you need cheering up, try one of these instant feel good mood boosters…

Phone A Friend

Some people have the natural ability to be able to raise someone else’s energy simply by the words that they say. If you have a trustworthy and loyal friend who is also great company, giving them a call is an excellent and easy way to cheer yourself up. Call up your friend and reminisce about the good times you’ve shared together. Have a laugh, and a cry if it makes you feel better. Just chatting to this person for a while will help you shift your perspective and mood.

Cuddle Your Kids

Having a cuddle with your kids has many benefits. Aside from strengthening your bond, you’ll instantly feel happier, calmer and more relaxed. Get into the habit of expressing your love, and having a cuddle in the morning and evening. Cuddling will make you both feel good.

Play With Your Furry Friend

When you’re feeling sad or lonely, giving your pet some extra attention will help to lift your mood. Taking your dog for a walk, or petting and grooming your cat, is an enjoyable pastime that you and your pet will love.

Have A Boogie

Turning up the volume on your favourite feel good tunes is the perfect therapy for combating stress and the blues. Sing along to a happy song as you drive your car, or dance around the room showing off your funky moves, whilst listening to your iPod or mp3 player. Music that has an up beat is guaranteed to get you moving your feet.

Enjoy A Power Nap

Sometimes taking a nap is the best way to disconnect from a feeling for a while. Power napping for 15-20 minutes will recharge your batteries and your mood.

Have A Whiff

Smells have a powerful impact on mood. Having a sniff of uplifting and energising aromatic essential oils, like bergamot, grapefruit, orange or spearmint, will have an instant feel good effect. If you need to unwind and relax, try soothing lavender, jasmine, neroli or geranium essential oils instead.

The Power Of Touch

Massage is a therapeutic practice that can alleviate both physical pain, and emotional symptoms. Applying a little self-massage to your neck, shoulders, face, feet or hands can quickly rejuvenate the mind and body. As you stimulate the energy channels, through gentle pressure and kneading, you’ll feel ready for anything.

Chocolate Treats

Chocolate is a popular pick-me-up choice that should be enjoyed in moderation. Eating one or two squares of dark chocolate can make you feel instantly happier. Dark chocolate offers a range of health benefits including better cognitive function, reduced blood pressure and an improved cholesterol profile. If you’d rather avoid the temptation of the delicious sweet stuff, you can always pamper yourself with a luxurious chocolate face mask or body wrap.

Mess About On The Water

If you’re feeling grumpy or annoyed spending time splashing around in water will have a positive effect on you. The sound of running water has a soothing quality that will make you feel calm and relaxed. Visit the local lake or river, or get yourself down to the coast for a paddle in the ocean.

Be Spontaneous

Doing something a little daring and out of character is a great way to shake up and reboot your energy. Think out of the box and try out something you have never done before.

Call a Tarot Reader

As odd as it sounds, there’s nothing wrong with speaking to someone who is completely unbiased. Having a reading with someone who is empathetic and can give you some answers is always a good mood booster. Have a reading see where it takes you, you might here some great news, or it could be a great eye opener to a situation that you want to solve.

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