The 7 Layers Of Your Aura

We all have an aura around us that attracts and repels. This invisible energetic space measures around 3ft all the way around the body, or any living thing or object. In some cases, the aura extends outwards into a wider space of up to 50ft. This usually occurs when the person has suffered abuse.

The aura is made up of seven layers – the physical, astral, lower, higher, spiritual, intuitional, and absolute planes. Each layer has its own unique vibration frequency, and affects the other layers. An imbalance on one level can cause imbalance on other layers. The planes also influence an individual’s emotions, feelings, behaviour, thoughts and health.

The Layers

  • The physical aura plane is the layer that is closest to the body. When we are awake, this layer contracts and reduces, and increases in size when we sleep. Physical comfort, pleasure, and health help to keep this plane in balance.
  • The astral aura plane is commonly known as the emotional layer. Because it stores our emotional experiences it can be easy to have an imbalance in the astral aura layer. Feeling over sensitive is a typical indication.
  • The lower mental aura plane is associated with thought patterns, beliefs, values, and our perception of reality. This is the plane in which most of our waking hours are spent. An imbalance on this level can cause you to feel agitated and down.
  • The higher mental aura plane stores spiritual beliefs associated to self-love, gratitude and unconditional love.
  • The spiritual aura plane connects us to the entire universe. When this level is clear your aura glows and you feel deeply connected to everything and everyone.
  • The intuitional aura plane is also known as the celestial plane, and is the level where we store our dreams and spiritual awareness, and also acceptance and forgiveness.
  • The absolute aura plane balances and harmonises all of the aura layers. It also stores your soul’s blueprint, soul journey experiences and destiny.

The Colours

The aura layers typically have a predominant colour that reflects your true nature and personality. People and situations around you often change the way that you feel, and this can have a positive or negative impact on the colour of your aura. When you’re feeling down or thinking negatively you’re likely to have brown and black present. Spending time around high vibe people who have a white/silver aura will positively rub off on you.

  • Pink – is associated with the energy of loving and giving. If you have pink in your aura you are likely to be highly intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Red – this colour represents an energetic and enthusiastic attitude. If red is in your aura, watch your temper!
  • Orange – kindness, generosity and a warm-hearted attitude are your traits, if orange is your predominant aura colour.
  • Yellow – is symbolic of a cheerful and fun vibe. If yellow is in your aura you’re likely to be a good conversationalist with a zest for life.
  • Green – is the colour of creativity, confidence and success.
  • Blue – is a rare aura colour. It is present in the aura of people who are highly intuitive and great communicators. This colour draws people towards you.
  • Purple – if this is your hue you are highly psychic, intuitive and spiritual.
  • Gold – you have a loving nature and see the beauty in everything, if gold is in your aura.
  • White/silver – is associated with intuition, spiritual gifts and sensitivity. Your angelic nature is magnetic to others.
  • Brown – is the colour of low self-worth and a lack of confidence.
  • Black – auras of this colour belong to people who are full of anger, hatred and other negative emotions.

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