Making the most of superstition

Making the most of superstitionSuperstitions are widely held to be irrational beliefs, but many of us have some degree of belief in them. We carry out most of our superstitious actions and reactions subconsciously, but why do we do this and how can they be applicable in modern day life?

Most superstitions originate from hundreds of years ago to when moments of bad fortune could not be explained scientifically, such as the failing of a harvest or a particularly bad storm. People would look to the surrounding nature for answers, and would pin the responsibility of the event on a nearby occurrence, such as a black cat crossing a path.

In modern day life, we can use superstitions to help us feel lucky in the same way that free psychic readings can leave us feeling empowered. Wearing a pair of lucky pants or knocking on wood can help you get through the day with the strength and energy to make good things happen. The key to making the most of these lucky feelings is not to become obsessed with superstitions and to treat them lightly.

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