Spring Equinox Rituals Around The World

March 20th is the date of the spring equinox (also known as the Vernal equinox) in the Northern Hemisphere. This event occurs when the sun crosses the celestial equator, and at this time neither the North pole or the South pole is tilted towards the sun. The Latin word equinox translates to “equal night”, and […]

Do You Need Spiritual Cleansing?

Many of us will tweak and moderate our eating habits in order to cleanse or detox the body, from time to time. We happily spring clean our homes to remove stagnant energy and to promote environmental wellbeing. Yet the energy and wellbeing of the spiritual self is often overlooked and neglected. Spiritual cleansing is just […]

Tarot cards that hail romance

  Evolving from the first playing cards that entered Europe in the 14th Century, tarot cards have been used for divination ever since, with accounts from Milan noting allegorical images on a 16 card deck. Since then, though the suits have altered to suit higher purposes than snap with the addition of cards, The Minor […]

Why Your Life Feels Like It’s Falling Apart

At some point in your life it is highly likely that you will feel ‘stuck’. When this happens you could find that you are unable to move forward in life, for quite some time. You may also experience a relationship break-up, you could lose your job, your home and/or your friends. Or any number of […]

Gifts Of Love To Give To Yourself

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to make a break from limiting self-beliefs, bad habits and negative thinking. Focusing your attention on the positive gifts of self-love can change your perspective, and inspire you to spread more love, joy and happiness in the world. The Gift Of Inner Peace People who exude a […]

Groundhog Day

  Every year on February 2nd Americans become obsessed about a small, furry hibernating creature. The Groundhog is a national legend, and the star of a Groundhog Day tradition that dates back many centuries. The annual legendary event also featured in a Hollywood movie, and the stage play is now destined for Broadway. Why Is February […]

Spirit animals and what they mean

The history of spirit animals dates back to the beliefs of Native American Indian tribes and Australian Aboriginals. These beliefs blend Animistic and Totemistic ideals that can be found in other religious belief systems and ideologies. Animism is the belief that all plants, animals and objects have spirits or souls. Therefore, those who ascribe to […]

6 Signs To Recognise A Soul Mate Relationship

A soul mate is a person who resonates with your soul on a deep spiritual level. This person, contrary to popular belief, isn’t necessarily someone you will fall head over heels in love with. A soul mate is someone from your soul group, who incarnates with you, so that you can learn important soul growth […]