How To Reclaim Your Life After Divorce

When love breaks down, and a marriage ends, it’s perfectly normal to feel like a total failure. Divorce can be a devastating experience, particularly if you have young children to consider. When both partners fully accept that the marriage is over, breaking up can be easier to do. An impending divorce doesn’t have to destroy your identity. You really can reclaim your life, after divorce, and learn to love again.

Take It Easy

Dealing with physical and emotional loss, after separation or divorce can be hugely stressful. Before, during and after the finalising of your divorce, it’s important that you go easy on yourself. Feeling guilty, or to blame for the break-up, isn’t beneficial for your wellbeing. Accepting that this chapter of your life is coming to an end, so that you can begin a new one, will help you to start looking forward again.

Get Your Feelings Out Of Your System

Emotions usually run high throughout the process of divorce. Try not to bottle your feelings up, particularly when you’re feeling raw. Get your emotions out so that you can start the healing process. Journal your thoughts, write down your feelings, and be open to expressing your pain in any way that makes you feel better. It’s okay to rant and rave in your bedroom or living room. Once you can release the pent-up emotions you will be able to approach life in a more constructive manner.

Spend Time With Quality People

It may take a little while before you feel able to face the outside world. Shutting yourself away during this difficult time, isn’t doing you any good. By all means make time for reflection and contemplation, but surrounding yourself with loving, nurturing and supportive friends and family members is equally as important. Take it at a pace that feels comfortable for you. Plan some fun activities that will give you an opportunity to have an uplifting time. Give your friends some time and space, so that they can help you. Most people who are sensitive to your needs, and want to help, may not know how to.

Take A Break

A change of scenery offers you an opportunity to get away from it all. Pack a bag and hit the road for a spontaneous solo road trip. If being on your own is still painful, plan a getaway with a close friend and confidant. Visit a day spa or plan a journey to visit friends who live some distance away. Spending time away from familiar surroundings will help you to clear your mind and to appreciate and focus on all that you have, and not what you’ve lost.

Seek Professional Advice

Sometimes talking to someone who knows nothing about you can help you to see your situation with fresh eyes. Talking to a professional therapist, counsellor or life coach can help you to work through your difficult experience. This person will listen to your story without passing judgment. They can also help you to formulate a plan of action so that you can begin to reclaim your life as a single person, and to move forward whilst healing.

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