Yoga Techniques To Open Up Your Creativity

Anyone who has ever experienced writer’s block, or a stumbling block to creative expression, knows how frustrating this can be. Whether you are creative in your work or play, having unlimited access to your divine inspiration is your birthright.

There are many methods and techniques that you can use to open up a free flow of creative energy. Yoga, is an ancient practice that strengthens and stretches muscles, alleviates tension, and creates a rush of life force energy, otherwise known as chi. The bendy, flexible poses and postures require mindful practice and concentration. When you focus your full attention on the breath work and asanas you will be rewarded with more energy and vitality to do the creative things that you want to do.

The Easy Seated Pose

Sit in a comfortable position on a mat or chair. Relax into the posture as you focus on your breath. Keep inhale and exhale breath at an even length – four counts in and four counts out is best. As you continue to breath evenly visualise life force energy slowly rising up from the soles of your feet, up through your body, and up to the crown of your head. As the energy circles and flows back down again, your mind will become a clear space in which to explore creative ideas.

The Vinyasa Approach

Vinyasa yoga is a free flowing practice that synchronises your breath with the movements of your body. To apply the vinyasa approach, to your creative projects, you simply need surrender. Take a long, deep breath and on the exhale begin your writing, painting or other creative exploration. Allow your life force energy to guide your body’s movements so that you create spontaneously. This is a little like the process of automatic writing, where you allow your Higher Self to direct you as you channel the energy. The more you practice this method, the easier it will be for you to feel inspired constantly.

Inversion Inspiration

The enhanced blood circulation and oxygen flow to the brain, that occurs when you adopt an inversion pose like the Downward Facing Dog, or a headstand, helps to shift your perspective and open up your creativity. Being momentarily upside down gives you a new outlook. This technique is particularly good for problem solving and for coming up with fresh ideas.

Kick-Starting Kundalini

Sometimes creativity becomes blocked and requires a kick-start. Using the power of the mantra, you can awaken Kundalini energy and direct it as you please. Repetitive mantras help to keep your mind present and focused. Certain sounds contain a powerful vibration that elevates your energy to new heights when spoken out loud. Harnessing the power of ‘Om’ can transform your creativity exponentially. ‘Om’ is after all, the vibration of all creation!

To boost your creativity use the simple mantra: ‘Om creativity’. Repeat this short mantra to yourself as you go about your day. You do not need to sit for hours in meditation. Hold the thought of what you wish to create and achieve, and repeat your Kundalini mantra to awaken the Universal flow.

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