The importance of 3 when getting a tarot reading

The importance of 3 when getting a tarot readingThose who have previously undertaken a free tarot reading may have noticed that the number three often pops up in the tarot, but what is the significance of this number?

First, it should be noted that the number three is an exceptionally powerful number in mystic and religious teachings; think Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and Mind, Body and Spirit. The idea behind the power of three is that it represents the joining of two forces which create a third and more dynamic force.

In terms of tarot cards, there are a number of relevant cards: Three of Wands, Three of Pentacles, Three of Cups and Three of Swords. The groups of objects represent the state of there being lots of something. For example, the three celebrating women in the Three of Cups represent safety and happiness in numbers, and the three staffs in the Three of Wands represent the importance of remembering the accomplishments that you have achieved.

In the Three of Swords, which shows three swords piercing a heart, the number three represents pain being inflicted on multiple people, including yourself and others.


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