The 5 Journeys Of Love


Every love relationship is an opportunity to learn about yourself and to work through the distinctive stages of intimacy that take you from attraction to unconditional loving. Each of the 5 key love cycle stages is a unique transitional experience.

The first time you go through a cycle of the journey of love, you can get stuck for a long time, or even a lifetime. As you continue to explore and learn the lessons of love, you do eventually get to find balance and harmony. If you make it through to experience loving unconditionally and wholeheartedly, you’ve done a pretty good job.

The Merge

The first of the key stages starts your journey to understanding what the experience of love is all about. The physical attraction and chemistry between you and your lover puts you under a love spell and creates chemical changes in your hormones and brain. Because of the merging of intense feelings and emotions, falling in love can feel like you are going slightly crazy.

Over time the intensity will wear off and the heady euphoric feelings will settle or subside. When the chemical high naturally fades you begin to see your lover with fresh eyes. During this period you may realise that perhaps your love choice wasn’t so great after all. Or you may decide that the relationship has the potential to succeed.

Doubt And Denial

During the second stage, you begin to remove those rose tinted glasses that initially convinced you that you had found your perfect soul mate. This love cycle opens up your eyes to the differences between you and your lover. This can cause you to doubt the connection, your lover or yourself.

Many people unfortunately opt to cling on to the relationship at this stage, even though deep down they know it’s not the right thing to do. Denying your feelings, and the reality of the situation, can create pain and suffering. Sometimes you may even convince yourself that it is better to have someone/anyone than to be by yourself.

Disillusionment And Disappointment

No matter how sweet things are between you and your lover, the 3rd key stage convinces you to believe that nothing is right. You begin to create an illusion of experiences to define the relationship. During this cycle you may also find that your dream of experiencing unconditional love vanishes.

If you are unable to understand and identify what is happening, you will find that your disappointment in love continues to escalate. This often creates arguments and power struggles between both partners, with neither party wanting to work it out.

The Decision

Being caught is a destructive loop requires you to step up and make a decision at some point. Putting up with a lover or relationship that makes you miserable and unhappy is not good for you in any way. If you reach breaking point you must make a decision. You can decide to leave and cut all ties, or to manage the situation and work together to find harmony once again.

It’s not impossible to experience a rebirth of love at this stage. Through open communication and honesty both partners can express their feelings and raise their level of self-awareness.

Unconditional Loving

If you have decided to give your relationship a second chance, the final key stage of the journey of love will bring you to the place of unconditional loving. You will need to learn how to open your heart and to heal all wounds. Accepting each other as two complete halves of a whole allows you to love each other’s individuality and uniqueness. You will also, once again, begin to see your lover as you once did when Cupid’s arrow first struck you.

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