Why You Need To Go It Alone

Travelling solo is an empowering experience that is no longer considered to be a daring adventure that is solely for free spirited souls and intrepid explorers. The wide selection of travel experiences that are now marketed for the solo traveller have made this getaway option hugely appealing to anyone who wants some emotional/physical space, or a life-changing experience.

If you’re comfortable in your own company, solo travel is the perfect vacation option for you. If you like a challenge, and need to step out of your comfort zone, going it alone could be the experience that positively changes everything in your life.

You Are The Captain Of Your Destiny

When you travel with a partner, family or friends you typically have to consider different budgets and travel interests, when deciding where to go. Going solo means that you only have your own needs to think about. You can travel on a last minute whim, and visit places on your bucket list. As a solo traveller you are also the master of the itinerary. You choose the destination and what you do when you get there.

A solo break can be as cheap and cheerful or indulgently expensive and extravagant as you like. You don’t have to negotiate or compromise because you are in charge of everything!

You’ll Make New Friends

When you travel alone you will find that people in other countries are surprisingly welcoming, friendly and helpful. Wherever you go you’ll discover that it’s easy to interact and connect with locals, and other strangers who are also going it alone. If you’re travelling abroad it’s in your favour to make an effort with the language. Attempting to speak the local lingo shows that you have a friendly and open attitude. This will break the ice and attract new friends to you.

You’ll Become More Confident

Although you may initially feel a little nervous or apprehensive about travelling on your own, you’ll soon become more confident about being in charge of everything. You’ll have the confidence to handle any problems or hitches, and you won’t mind having to speak up for yourself.

You’ll See The World Through New Eyes

Getting away from it all gives you an opportunity to fully appreciate all that you have. Without the distraction of your partner or best friend, you have unlimited time to reflect and contemplate life. You may be moved by the people and the sights around you, and this will make you understand and appreciate how blessed you already are.

You’ll Discover Something Amazing About Yourself

When you pack up your bags and travel solo you open the door to discovering something truly amazing about yourself. You will be surprised to see a side of yourself that doesn’t seem to be visible back home. You may find out that you’re a far more confident and competent person than you thought. Or you may realise that you are someone who comes alive in the company of new friends from different lands. Your free spirit will show you a version of yourself that you will fall in love with.

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