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Welcome, I am Ayeshah. I am psychic tarot reader based in Manchester. I have a wealth of over 30 years experience. My mother was an Italian gypsy and my father is Moroccan, so I have a very spiritual background, and I have been in contact with my spiritual side since I was about 10. I started professionally reading in my 20s. My mother and grandmother were both tarot readers and I definitely learnt a lot by observing them. The first books that I read as a child were on tarot, so I learnt about it right from the beginning of my life. I now have very deep and comprehensive understanding of tarot, and I have not stopped learning yet, as I believe you never stop learning throughout life.

What I provide/offer

The tools that I use are my Tarot Cards and my psychic ability which I use to see and hear. However astrology is something I also specialise in I believe that is like your second DNA everyone in the world will have a unique astrology chart.

What you can expect from the call

The word Tarot comes from the Italian tarouci which means guidance, and so I believe I am hear too Guide you through however you will always have a choice nothing is written in stone I am here to help you. I try to do my best with all of my readings and I am very passionate about them.

What my callers have experienced

I specialise in life readings, I can always tune in to different aspects with no problem, A reading with me will be straight and honest, I will not give any elusive answer which may mislead and I do not go round in circles. I am not judgemental at all, and God wouldn't give you something if he didn't think you could cope with it. I would never hurt anyone that is my moral in life I am caring and compassionate in my everyday life and this is something that also applies to my readings.

Why you should select Me for your call

I have respect for all people from all walks of life and that's what you will get from me.

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