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Hello, my name is Esther. I'm a born psychic and spiritual reader that is able to tell what other people are thinking or planning. I've been practising for many years and am highly experienced. I have learnt to always trust my instincts, as I am generally never wrong. If direct accurate answers are what you are looking for, then I am the right reader for you. I can guide you to move any blocks you might have in your life as effortlessly on your part as possible. Speak to me today and I will ask you to clear you mind; once you have done this, I will be able to connect to you and allow my spirit guides to show me the answers to all your burning questions.

What I provide/offer

I can see people's energy levels. I can see what they're thinking as a picture in my mind. They explain to me what they are feeling or worries them and I act as a translator. I can help you avoid the disappointments in your life and give you advice such as when not to call and ex-partner and be strong and hold on, and when to go for that job you are after.

What you can expect from the call

Some of my callers feel really down when they phone me, so I connect with them on the next level, that is the spiritual level. I can help them feel happy again by tapping into their energies and feelings.

What my callers have experienced

One of my callers didn't know when her boyfriend was going to call, and I was able to help her with it. I am very good with relationships, it is one of my main interests, and I am fantastic at it. I have predicted for my callers when their husband would be cheating on them, when to marry, if their partner is abroad I can tell them how he/she is doing, I'm brilliant with these types of dilemmas.

Why you should select Me for your call

Call me because people feel a lot better after speaking to me. Often my callers are crying over the phone, yet I always manage to brighten their perspective on life.

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