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Star Sign Capricorn
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I am a natural Psychic/Clairvoyant and Spiritual Healer with many years experience. I am Welsh and come from a generation of psychics in my family, I have been psychic from birth and I work mainly with my spirit guides.

What I Offer

I work on an indepth level with my readings so I can offer you a lot of detail with my readings, I also use my Tarot cards, Angel cards and with my crystals. I can also send you distant healing.

What you can expect from the call

I have many years of experience and can look at any area of your life, Love, Relationships, Work, Money matters and Family matters or any area you would like me to tune into.

What my callers have experienced

The most memorable experience I had with a caller was being able to reassure a caller that she would be reunited with a family member whom she had not seen for 25 years, through my guidence and predictions she was indeed reunited with them.

Why you should call me

Choose me because I am empathic and non judgemental and will give you honesty and accuracy from your reading.

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Dawn is so amazingly accurate everything she told me came true and her predictions i couldn't believe it right on the spot exactly what she says. I would really recommend Dawn she is so honest and accurate. I had so many readings with Dawn and every times her predictions can true to exactly when things will happen. God and light.

Always spot on and her predictions always come true, Dawn has helped me so much over the last year, such a lovely lady.

Brilliant reading, spot on with validations and very quick to tune into my situation and such a warm friendly lady to talk with as well xx

Very good ,Dawn doesn't fish for information and she gave me a highly accurate reading.

Brilliant reading, she picked up so much of what is going on around me especially with my work, so much detail around everything, spot on.

The best reading I have ever had, so much detail and validations, one of her predictions have already happened, Dawn is an excellent reader very caring and easy to talk to, very impressed.

Such a shame, good reader, but easily offended and slammed the phone down twice, v unprofessional and would never call again.

Amazing reading, picked up on everything around me, so accurate and so down to earth as well, best reading I have had to be honest, very impressed xx

Amazing psychic, very understanding and very accurate with validations, best of the best in my opinion xx

Absolutely brilliant, best reading I have ever had, she gave me so much in my 20 minute reading, spot on with everything, such a lovely lady and very down to earth, thank you Dawn you are an inspiration xx

Not very happy with this reader, she talked too much about herself and her boyfriend. I needed to talk to her about my own troubles, that is what I was ringing for! Please Dawn take this into account when your get calls for a reading, don't talk about your life so much x

What a wonderful lady, completely spot on with validations, picked up on everything going on around me, Dawn is a genuine psychic believe me, and such a wise soul and so understanding, thank you so much you are amazing.

First time reading with Dawn completely blew me away, so much accuracy, does not ask questions and does not waste time she just tunes straight in and gets to the point, and within 2 days of having a reading with her 1 of her predictions just happened just as she told me it would, one of the best psychics on here, she is truly amazing.

Had a reading with Dawn was very please everything she said was spot on couldn't believe it so so accurate. So friendly as well had an amazing connection with her .will wait for her prediction . She is an amazing lady could talk for hours with her but unfortunately my time was up but will call again when i see you online again. bless

Dawn is an excellent reader, always spot on for me with validations and everything she has predicted has happened for me, she is the best of the best in my opinion xx

Excellent reading thank you. Confirmed alot and I was impressed. I will return

Thankyou Dawn you are amazing Dawn is spot on every time. All of the predictions have happened. Lovely lady

Amazing, once again, everything you predicted has happened, spot on with your validations as usual, you are the best of the best Dawn, god bless you xx

Lot of guess work, didn't really connect. My friend got reading as well and she more or less said the same thing even though mines was career related and mines was health. She didn't even pick up that my friend had been made redundant or that I had a cancer scare.

So very wrong.

Dawn is the best of the best I had a Great riding with her it's like she knows me for ever first riding with her I loved it so much thank u dawn u the best psychic I had riding before but not like u 😍😍

had a reading with dawn the other evening, gave her my name my problem love life as the question and then the name of the beautiful lady concerned. dawn then had the hairs onthe back of my neck telling me things that she had no way of knowing trips to america past issues we have both had the list goes on. she was very accurate with the current situation and gave me great confidence with the future i can only hope that she is right as then all my dreams wil truely have come true. thanks so much dawn.

Brilliant reader, I recommend her to everyone

Wow, Wow Wow! Dawn is a brilliant reader... I could have spoken to her all night. Give this 5 star reader a call you will not be disppointed. I only called for a 20min reading... she was so good a toppped up 3 times. Looking forward to speaking to you again.

Thank you Dawn you are a brilliant reader!!! Sorry we got cut off...LNL

What a brilliant and highly gifted woman. Dawn is warm and insightful and tunes right in. It was an absolute pleasure to have spoken with her tonight. I can't recommend her highly enough and I will be calling back soon! X

Im so glad i found you Dawn, you were right about Shahen, ill call you soon.

Brilliant Dawn, always spot on with me, and always spot on with predictions too, you are amazing Dawn and always a pleasure to speak with you, you are the best xx

It started off ok but i dont feel she was 100% with me.

Amazing reading with Dawn! so accurate and so much detail. :-) xx

Most certainly does not write her own reviews! anyone who posts a negative review under anonymous clearly isnt worth bothering over. Dawn, I have been looking for you for ages and I am so glad I have found you! I pray your predictions come about, sorry we got cut off, speak soon!

Brilliant! Just had an amazing reading with Dawn, spot on with accuracy and so many validations, she is upfront and honest with her readings and so down to earth, thank you, will be coming back for another reading soon xx

This lady has helped me so much over the months, ignore those negative people Dawn you are a gem and loads of your predictions have happened for me, you are the most accurate psychic I have come across with so much detail, you are an amazing psychic Dawn, once again ignore those negative people who just want to attack you, you are a very caring sweet lady.

Must write her own reviews. I got many readings from this lady over a period of time and not one thing she said came to fruition. Sad lady who would rather you pitied her and her situations.

Thankyou Dawn. Predictions and timings are always spot on. Thankyou for all your support and guidance.

Incredible accuracy! Dawn, you have a very special gift and it is wonderful that you choose to help so many people as you do. Thank You :) xxx

Really nice lady to talk to! Full of sheer of positivity! :)

very nice lady. waiting to see if predictions come true

Had a wonderful reading with Dawn on Sunday (17th Aug). So much information in 20mins and so very accurate with my situation. Will be back in touch when predictions come to fruition. Thank you Dawn, you have no idea how much you helped me on Sunday. Blessings to you. x

Brilliant reading, so much information in 20 minutes, all worth it, extremely accurate with validations and a very kind lady too.

Really great reader - always come true. Have used many times, recommend to everyone, the best on here!!!

This lady is amazing, so much information in 20 minutes, picked up on everything so accurate, I highly recommend this lady.

sorry dawn. had to put phone down someone walked in lol xxx great reading as usual. xxx

What can I say apart from fantastic...! Dawn even predicted a dental appointment that I had arranged a day before! A wonderful experience, she tells you as it is, which is exactly what I want and need. I will definity call Dawn again (hopefully I will be able to get through). Thank you so soon very much. Blessings. Mxx

I love speaking with Dawn. She is a very good reader and a lovely women to boot. Absolutely credit to Psychic future. She is A must!! Thankyou Dawn. xxx

Amazing psychic - everything she predicts always comes to fruition. Give Dawn a call, she is caring, genuine and very gifted. Superb psychic xxx

Dawn is amazing..had many readings from her and she is one of the best on here. Very accurate and all her predictions come true - she is a very gifted psychic and has over 10 years experience and many satisfied customers like myself. Especially good with love and relationship problems - give her a call, she will amaze you xxx

Dawn was fantastic, very accurate. Very pleasant lady.

Very accurate reading, unbelievable. Very gifted lady.

Very accurate reading, unbelievable. Very gifted lady.

Unbelievable accuracy! A gentle aoul :)

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