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Star Sign Sagittarius
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I have been working as a psychic for a number of years and my years of experience enable me to instantly make a link to you. I work very closely with my spirit guides to bring you insight in to any area of your life. My specialist area is love and relationships where I can give you positive guidance to help you to make sense of your love life or lack of it!

What I Offer

I can draw on my many years experience to quickly link to the tarot cards. I am drawn to certain images on the cards and guided in your area of concern. I have learned the universal language of the tarot cards and so you will receive a very accurate interpretation.

What you can expect from the call

I have been developing my psychic skills for over 20 years now and so you will get the very best of my wisdom and foresight.

What my callers have experienced

A lady came on the phone with a specific problem in mind, I told her before she told me that she had just had a conflict with her son over school meals. This lady was gobsmacked as it was exactly that!

Why you should call me

You will choose me because you feel drawn to me that’s how it works!

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Good reading, nice lady easy to talk too. It just seem to flow once ashe sked what I was calling about. I didn't need to tell her anything and she didn't ask a whole lot of questions. She gave a lot of detail and insight into what I wanted to know. Nice to have a reading from someone who didn't talk about their own experiences, she just focused on me and my situation. I hope the predictions of the next few months come to fruition and I will call again, thank you Leonora.

Very detailed reading and accurate in some of the details, though some were the past, but the reading was contradictory at times. So the answers to my questions were incongruent.

I can recommend Leonora as she has always helped me out with her readings. Especially her email readings, they are always full of insight and useful information that I have been able to re-read again and again. They have guided me through difficult moments in my life when I had no one else to turn to.

Hi can you tell me if my boyfriend Chris is faithful to me please.thank you.

Leonora is my favourite reader. She always predicts my future correctly. I particularly love her email readings, they are the best, extremely detailed and full of insight. Thanks for all of your advice Leonora! Nadine x

This reader has been able to link and give accurate insight with depth into thoughts and feelings of the other person and situations, which future predictions that have happened. Seems honest. Sometimes some readers can be thoughtless with what they pass on, causing unnecessary hurt, but this reader seems to be able to see the wider picture so the readings have been balanced, giving me what is relevant to me and a realistic picture.

Hi can you tell me if my boyfriend will come to London

Just said what she thought I wanted to hear. None of it happened as she said.

Spot on,lovely lady knows her stuff, I shall be definatly be coming back to her for more readings

Could you tell if me and my boyfriend going to get merrind

Brilliant reading. Very friendly and caring.

Always gives me good readings...

I agree below. She was disinterested and not able to answer my questions and just make guesses regarding my situation. Very cold and heartless.

Th site would not allow me to leave a review at the time of the reading, a few weeks ago. Very poor e, she was disinterested, I asked 2 questions that she was unable to answer, fair enough I would rather someone be honest than make something up, but then she could not get off the phone quick enough and finished the reading.

Thank you for your help. I am a sceptic of this type of work. However, I must admit it was all very accurate Most surprising was that recently I had hired a gardener to create a garden area which is for me to spend time alone. I will keep in mind your advice and give more consideration to my needs, not out of selfishness but necessity. Many thanks and best wishes to you. MD P.S. Please di not give out my email address

Lovely reader, patient and accurate.

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