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Pin 1673
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Star Sign Virgo
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I am from a small Oxfordshire town and my name is Maria. I love to do love and relationship readings but you can talk to me about anything, I am truthful as I do not sugar coat things and I will not lie to you.

What I Offer

I have been aware of my psychic abilities from an early age. I will mainly use my natural psychic abilities in conjunction with my guides. I also work with voice vibration as it helps me to connect, so please talk to me.

What you can expect from the call

As well as giving a reading I do like to give spiritual tools for your own self help.

What my callers have experienced

It gives me great joy to hear back from a caller with news that something I have said has happened for them.

Why you should call me

I would like you to think of me as a very good friend, someone you can tell all of your secrets to without worry of anyone finding out.

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Maria is such a kind and honest lady to talk to, she helped me learn a lot about myself and I may have not spoken to her direct for a few years, but what she told me has now started to transpire like a chapter in a book, thank you x

Maria is a great reader. She was spot on with the reading. I found the conversation interesting and helpful and am clearer now about my career.

I have spoken to this lady a handful of times and she has been so good, this was cheeky i no but i found her fb and she has been kind enough to answer me there, she has given me some tools to help my self as well, just thanks for your kindness

So i am a reg caller to Maria, iv been talking to her for just over a year now, life has been a mess, she has been right with what shes told me, i all ways feel much better about life after talking to her.

Would give her zero stars. Gave me a completely different answer for the same question I’ve asked a couple of months ago. Asks a lot of leading questions and gives a response on the basis of that.

Maria is nice. Kind and helpful, she also gives tools to help, she was right about my situation.

Very good at putting coping tools in place. I do hope she is right.

I wake up everyday with a smile on my face and sing praises to this good spell caster called Dr Sam who has done me a great favor by rescuing my relationship from break up. I used to think that I have a perfect relationship till when my lover started coming home late and everyday he gives me different excuses then I decided to keep a close eye on him then I discovered that he was having an affair with another girl. I was heartbroken because i trusted him so much and knowing that he has a secret

Have had previous readings with Maria which were accurate so came back for another one.Very easy to talk to, very quick to answer questions with absolute confidence and offers ways to move forward with a situation.

I have been talking to Maria for around 6 months now, the number of times i have cried down the phone to her but she understands, has such empathy and a lot of patience, i can see things coming together now, thank you

Nice lady and very chatty, will give more feedback when predictions happen.

She kind of picked up on my situation I had to tell her a lot, let's see she didn't really seem to give me a reading just was like mmmm the whole reading.

My favourite reader of all time. Such patience and empathy. Someone who truly understands your character, and know why you think the things you do

I can't say anything yet till I see if what Maria told me will come true, for this I have to rate her in 2-3 months time. Thanks Maria, don't forget to send me the promised healing .

Helpful and gives much advice, nice to talk to, will wait for predictions to happen, thank you xx

As always I can count on Maria for great advice. Love her bubbly and straightforward personality.

Seems to know her stuff, very talkative and helpful, nice lady.

Nice lady, very helpful, will leave more feedback when predictions unfold.

. In one word, Maria is FAB. If you want to be told in a starightforward manner what will be taking place, then Maria is the person to consult with. What Maria told me would happen has taken place, to the letter, the not so good stuff as well as the good stuff. As well as this, Maria has told me the motives for my behaviour as well as that of others, which always come to light. It is as if I am reading my diary on the days before the events take place. Totally recommend.

I have been having readings every week, sometimes more for updates lol for around 6 months, this has been such a hard difficult time for me, without giving away too much personal information I don’t think I would be sane right now if it was not for pin no 1673, I have to admit I was so shocked when the thing I most wanted to happen and what this lady had been tellling me would happen finally did, thank you, Rob x

I can honestly say maria is on point and gives a good reading . I didnt give to much away but picked up on the points i was looking fir. Will def call for another reading

I am completely flabberghasted with Maria's abilities. Less thatn 2 minutes into the conversation she told me my true motives for requesting a reading with her. She correctly identified sign ificant people and events that currently surround me and has told me what advice her guides have given her to pass on. There was no sugar coating in hte advice given, everything was told to me frankly yet sympathetically with understanding why I have done things. I was also given advice on who to beware, how to deal with them and also spiritual exercises to carry out at home. I will definitely be calling back .Thank you so much, Maria xx

Very supportive and kind lady.

Like to say a big ty to Maria very spot on with everything she told me.very polite professional .will def come to Maria again for a reading x

Thank you! it worked, spot on :)

I had my doubts but it happened just like you said it would, wish i could give more stars! thank you!

Kind, cares, gives tools to help your self, than you!

lovely lady picked up on situation well!! Positive great help n spirit! Love n light.

I have been calling this lovely lady over the last few weeks, understood my predicament and has been a great help! also gave some spiritual advice that have left me feeling more positive!

Lovely lady, picked up my situation

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