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Star Sign Cancer
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Hello everyone my name is Soraya. I'm a Tarot reader. I use my high intuition and spirit guides to help during my readings. I also started using my divinatory shells to help in some cases to confirm my guidance.

What I Offer

I'm a tarot card reader. With my high intuition and my spirit guides I do my best to guide my callers to get the answers to those questions.

What you can expect from the call

As most of my callers are my frequent clients, I will do the same thing I did the first time you got in touch with me. I will try to get help as deep as I can. For new callers, I will welcome you and put you at ease and will guide you to the best of my knowledge...

What my callers have experienced

My most memorable experience is always when I say bye to my callers. Knowing that I have helped and guided them to move forward using the answers to those questions.

Why you should call me

I'm very honest, I don't give false assurances, if you need my help, it's my help you will get, so call me for any guidance.

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I thought she was ok, but could not clearly hear her and my money run out.

Excellent and honest

She is lovely and honest

I really happy with soraya and she is very friendly

Thank you for your honest and accurate reading Soraya.


thank you for the reading Soraya exellent as usual! LnL

Wow! Amazing. I am struggling to write more. Everything I asked was answered in great detail. It was something else.

Is accurate about realtionships career less so but dating very good and also will answer a question and then once answered will tell you not to top up if question is answered 🥰🥰🥰

Loved my reading with Soraya. Can say that it was the best reading I ever had and her predictions came to fruition.

Amazing! Excellent tarot reader was right about everything she predicted. Five stars

Had my first reading with Soraya and was really impressed as her reading was spot on. She made me feel at ease and was very caring and non judgmental. Highly recommended. Thanks

Thank you so much! Loved my reading with Soraya. She is very friendly and easy to talk to and was spot on about people and situations in my life without me having to mention a thing. Will definitely call back again and recommend her to my freinds.

Had a great reading with Soraya. She was accurate about things and predictions from past readings have come true. Thank you for the guidance and help. ❤️

Had reading with Soraya on the 21/12 Felt she kept asking me to confirm Not sure if she was on right track Total opposite reading I had with 2 other psychics on here They both had the same validations A bit confused , feel I'm needing to go to other reader to help me now

Soraya was right about everything. She was honest, insightful and caring. Gentle soul who gave me great advice and whose predictions came true! Thank you!

soraya Is fantastic. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family as well as to anyone who wants an honest and truthful reading. Thanks xxx

Highly recommended! Was on point in her predictions and gives great advice and guidance. Soraya is also a total sweetheart and very easy to talk to. Thanks

Have to leave a review again! Where do I even start....things predicted by Soraya have come true. Also Soraya gave me the gentle push I needed and I really decided to make changes that day. I am now starting a course in something I’ve always wanted to do. I was accepted. I also had a few other things I went for because of Soraya’s advice and obtained. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You were Sent straight from heaven, so happy I connected with you xxx

Excellent! Extremely helpful and insightful. Put me back on the right path, which I really needed. And connected with my guides almost instantly. Straight to the point but still lovely....Thank you Soraya xx

Thank you so much. I prayed I would get a reader who could help me in the right direction, and it worked. So grateful. Soraya was so lovely. I appreciate you. xx Also Soraya connected with my guides x

I loved my reading with Soraya, such a patient and sweet woman. I can confirm that her predictions have come to fruition and she was right about how things would plan out. Thank you so much!

Absolutely amazing. Best reading I've had yet. I have never had such an accurate reading. Soraya is such a lovely lady. Thank you so much.

The prediction from my first reading come true and so I decided to call back for a second reading and I am very happy I did. Soraya was spot on and gave great advice as always. Excellente!!

Soraya is an amazing reader! I would recommend her to anyone who wants an honest reading. She’s funny and easy to talk to and knows how to make you feel at ease when talking about difficult situations.

Great reading! Really liked Soraya and will definitely call back again. Really managed to connect with me and was right about the matter at hand as well as other issues I hadn’t mentioned.

One of the best readings I’ve had! Straight to the point and accurate. Thanks!

Thank you for a great reading! Predictions from previous reading have come true and I appreciate your guidance and cheerful manner.

Had my first reading with Soraya a few weeks ago and can say that I was very impressed. All her predictions came true. She’s very professional and friendly. Five stars!! Thank you!!

Great reader! Connected with me straight away and was right about things going on in my life without me having to say anything. I will call back again and recommend her to my friends and family. Five stars!

Amazing! Thanks for illuminating my path! Had a couple of readings with Soraya and can honestly say that she can tap into the truth of the matter. Of course, it’s up to us to decide what to do with the advice and info given as tarot readers can only guide us as we have free will. Highly recommend!

I adore my readings with Soraya! Things have happened just as she said they would even things I thought wouldn’t. Great advice and guidance and she’s so sweet and funny which makes you feel relaxed.

Fantastic! Her predictions came true both the good and the bad and thanks to her excellent advice and guidance all turned out well as I was prepared to deal with the situation. Thank you so much!

I love my readings with Soraya! She’s very intuitive and always manages to guide me through tough times with honest and straightforward advice. She is a fantastic listener and is so easy to talk to!

Great! Soraya was recomended to me by my sister and I am so happy that I decided to call. I've had 3 readings so far and all have been 100% accurate -Soraya is very honest and doesn't sugar coat things but is equally sweet and very caring. Thank you so much for the support and guidance through the difficult times!

My favourite tarot reader! I just love her friendly and honest personality. She helped me through difficult times, always giving the best guidance and advice. Her readings have always been on point and I highly recommend Soraya.

Thank you! Had a few readings with Soraya and so far everything she told me has happened as predicted. It's true we have free will and things can change and I'm grateful to Soraya for guiding me along the way without judging and always with a kind word.

Soraya is my go to reader when I need advice. She's instuitive, friendly and straight to the point!

Excellent! Highly recommended - she's honest and caring and has always been spot on with my readings! People who left negative feedback must simply have not liked hearing the truth...

Soraya was recommended by a friend and I can say that I'm happy I had the reading. She was very professional and was spot on with my situation and gave great advice. Very insightful - will be recommending her to my friends and family.

Wasn't impressed with this reading, had to guide the reader a lot and didn't have clue what she was on about.

Fantastic! Had a reading a while back and can say that Soraya's predictions have all come true. She was spot on and I really appreciated her honesty and her sweet and bubbly personality.

Brutal honest.

A bit too honest as a reader. No sugar coating. No false assurance.

You are not a real psychic at all. All you did was waffle and never answered my question, which was very direct. You started asking me questions, about my relationhsip when I was the one seeking answers from you, so you wasted my money. Will not be calling you back. You deserve no stars.

Thank you so much again they don't give 10 stars so I posted another 5 for you. God bless

The most insightful ready I have had with this very talented women. She was able to pick up with me on a very Pschic, personal and very honest level. Not only did I receive very accurate aspects about my life this far, i even had to call her back to know the rest! Thank you so much for your talent and insight it was worth every penny I ever spent in my life. I will take your advice and look forward to talking to you again and if you ever move my email address is please let me know where your at so we can stay in touch ! All my love and blessing x Michael x

Everything Soraya told me was accurate and came true. Thank you for the good advice and guidance.

I wasn't very impressed with this reading

Highly recommended - will definitely get in touch again.

Thank you so much for your guidance and advice. You were spot on and really helped me.

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